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Introducing you to my new open series of standalone titles of Billionaire Bad Boy BDSM novels. Filled with hot and sexy alpha males and kink to make you wish you were in these women’s shoes.  Kicking it off the last week in April is ...



A Billionaire Bad Boy BDSM Novel

Cole Sawyer 
A self-made billionaire and a powerful Dom. A dangerous combination.
A man who had conquered his business endeavors. 
A Dom, who took what he wanted and now, he had his eyes set on her.

Sage Porter
A gorgeous redhead teaching at Sawyer Academy and a loved professor who reveled in her job. 
A woman who had a sex crush on Cole Sawyer, the gorgeous Dean who caused her ovaries to do a flaming tango whenever he flexed his muscles. 
A submissive in search of the one Dom who could break lose the shackles that bound her inhibitions.

Sassy as she was, though, she was bound to catch the eye of the feared Master Cratos at The Rouge Lounge. The night she did was the night her entire world turned upside down. 

A summer road trip forced her into close proximity with the man she admired and the Dom she had no defense against.

Would Sage be able to surmount her own past insecurities amidst the shadows from Cole’s that come back to haunt them both?

Editor’s Note:
Tale as old as time, Beauty and the delectable Master Cratos. Oh, that isn’t how it goes? Well, color me confused because this emotional roller coaster will take you to the highest of highs and drag you down to the lowest of lows only to send you soaring again. Betrayal, heartbreak, and healing all wrapped in the tight little package of a class road trip; Sage and Cole’s story will have you smiling, cringing, and pulsing all within one breath.

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She bought a date with the notorious cowboy at a charity auction ... only she wasn't prepared for the kind of date he had in mind.


“I’ll never in a million years beg you for anything, let alone to spank me!”

Hunter Scott was like the proverbial toothache who kept popping into her life at the most inopportune times. This time he dangled a carrot her starved body couldn't resist and turned her life Topsy-turfy.


“Now that’s something a man like me can’t refuse. I accept your challenge.”

Rachel Davies was a natural submissive who needed to be brought to life and the one woman the Dom in him craved with a hunger he didn't bother to suppress any longer. He set out to break down her defenses ... one spanking at a time.


Would Rachel be able to trust the rogue cowboy to give up his roaming ways? And when acts of violence threatened to break her, would she be able to overcome the doubts that his affections were true, or would she believe it was only a farce to take her beloved ranch out from under her?



Editor’s Note:

If cowboy hats, jeans, muscles, and a deep southern drawl are what it takes to turn you on, look no further. With the perfect Texan flavored recipe of mystery, heartache, greed, passion, and lust, Rogue Cowboy will lasso your heart and your loins and rope you right in.   


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