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Club Alpha Cove is a BDSM club located on David's Island. David’s Island is a 78-acre island off the coast of New Rochelle, New York, in Long Island Sound. Ruark Greer is the owner of the island, who has chosen to build his home and a club there.


Along with his childhood friends, he created an exclusive BDSM club. There is an inherent storyline of a powerful syndicate that wanted the island as their base, complicating the lives of these friends. Ruthless, the boss of the syndicate targeted their loved ones – the subs whom they've claimed as lifemates– only to find that these masters would protect their own, mercilessly if need be.


In the midst of this mysterious story, we come to know each of the Senior Masters…big, dominant, macho men that you will either love or hate along with their kinks as they find the ones they love. They love hard and they punish hard.


For your reading enjoyment, let us agree that the trust between these couples is 100% unconditional and true and all the acts are consensual. Also, these subs have given their Doms total control by putting forth limit lists with the understanding that once agreeing to and living in a full-on relationship this is subject to change.


None of my fiction should be seen as a guide to or actual portrayal of BDSM or the lifestyle. The rules and the kinks used by the Senior Masters and owners at Club Alpha Cove are created from my imagination for this series.

His FBI Sub - Book 1



The ultra-sexy Courtney Sears joined an exclusive BDSM club - Club Alpha Cove - while working undercover to infiltrate a dangerous syndicate. Tough as nails and as sassy as they come, this FBI agent was in for the ride of her life. After a personal tragedy, Courtney led a lonely life for six years. Her job became her world and she took risks that no one else would to ensure that her loved ones remained alive.

Ruark Greer, owner of Club Alpha Cove, spotted Courtney and instantly decided she would be HIS - setting in motion a plan to ensure her return to his club. Despite her original purpose for attending the club and trying her damnedest to keep her distance, her fascination with the gorgeous hunky Master grew and, under his unyielding hands, she discovered a need she could no longer deny.

Through his affection for this sassy sub, the sadist in him slowly came to rest. Did they both find everything they needed?

His Ice Baby Sub - Book 2


The day Bracus LeLuc realized he did not derive the need for sadistic play when he flogged the gorgeous Ivanka Sutton, was the day she lost the battle. He wanted and lusted after her from the first time he heard her seductive voice making a sultry promise. As a powerful Senior Master in Club Alpha Cove, he was used to taking what he wanted and so he did.

Ivanka had no defense. She has never wanted or desired a man as much as she did the massive, muscled whip wielding Master. Ivanka soon came to realize her possessive nature might stand in the way of her giving Bracus what he needed from her. Yet she could not deny her fascination with the gorgeous hulk and discovered a need she could not deny.

Bracus refused to back down and broke down every one of her defenses, drawn fervently to her sassy, yet vulnerable nature, forcing her to acknowledge the bond that has formed between them. Until she realized the role he inadvertently played in her past.

His Vanilla Sub - Book 3


Calista Thorn came to a shocking realization that she was teaching a group of subs a gyrating, hip thrust, dance move in a BDSM club. She was as vanilla as could be and annoyed at her cousin, Courtney, for keeping her in the dark. In stalked Master Quinlan Shaw, the same Master Quinlan she used as a prop for the dance, by naming his…tool…Little Q.

Suddenly Calista’s world was inundated with gorgeous, demanding Masters. Well, one specific demanding Master pushed all her buttons and pursued her ruthlessly.

Quinlan wanted and desired her from the moment her husky voice soothed over his soul. As a Senior Master at Club Alpha Cove, he was used to taking what he wanted and this time was no different.

Would Quinlan’s needs shatter their future, or would the sweet submission of the woman he wanted like no other be reason enough to change his ways?

His Fiery Sub - Book 4


An elbow in a Dom’s sensitive area was not the cleverest thing Cassidy Palmer had ever done, especially as he was fully enamoured by her at the time. Running away and jamming her hard heel on another Dom’s foot an even worse mistake. Cassidy was terrified that she had jeopardized the best opportunity in a lifetime. The Owner of the club had just offered her the position as the Head Chef and Restaurant Manager at the Club Alpha restaurant to ensure it achieved Michelin star quality.

Since she started working at CAC she avoided the dungeon like the plaque. Except for the one time, when she took a trip down there and stood drooling over the new Training Master, Geoff Santini, wishing she was the sub he was attending to at the time.

The last thing Geoff Santini expected when he took the gorgeous little chef in his arms was to nearly loose his manhood. He was lost to the need that rushed through him and was relentless in his pursuit of the one woman he lusted after above all others. Cassidy was defenseless and discovered a need that drove her in his arms repeatedly.

Would her desire and need for him withstand his insecurities as he gave her to another Dom to prove it was only him she wanted? Would Cassidy be able to overcome her own possessive nature to adapt to his lifestyle?

His Sassy Sub - Book 5



Their first meeting was painful. In the physical sense of the word. She ran into him, nearly unmanned him and ended on her sweet ass on the floor. Ziva Roberts was a hardened Investigative Political Journalist and was in New York to uncover her latest victim. She did not have the time to think about a muscled, too damned gorgeous Dom that awakened her dormant needs.

Slade Wolf was a highly successful Businessman and owned a Global Airline as well as shares in the BDSM Club Alpha Cove. He was one of the most powerful Doms and all the subs at the club wanted him. When the little cat shattered in his arms at their first meeting by a mere command from him, he knew. She was the sub he wanted.

The first time she set foot in the Club he tied her up in his ropes and thereby set the direction of the relationship. The only problem was Ziva’s commitment to her job and the measures she was willing to go to obtain the information she needed.

Slade on the other hand had his own insecurities to deal with. Was Ziva the one to break through the wall that he erected around his heart at a very young age? Most of all, would Slade be willing to give up on all those subs that chased after him?

Their Bold Sub - Book 6



Skye Marx was a troubled woman, joining Club Alpha Cove as a Club sub in hopes of forgetting what her family did to her years ago. To feel a sense of belonging. Yet, she was not satisfied. No Master she chose to play with captured her attention. At least, not fully…because she selectively stayed away from the powerful Doms.

After watching her, the BDSM King and club owner - Ruark, called her out and gave her an ultimatum. Skye could choose a Master he was satisfied with and remain a Club Alpha Cove sub or she would have to leave the club. He called Hagan Cullum and Sloan Forrester to oversee her punishment in another matter, but they had other ideas.

Both were seasoned, commanding Senior Masters at the Club. She should have known Ruark would give her to them. From the beginning Hagan and Sloan made it clear who was in charge. 


Would their careers as Senior FBI Agents and the dangers associated destroy their one chance at happiness? Would Skye be able to overcome her fears and stay with them?

His Brazen Sub - Book 7

ASIN: B00X893O1W


Zane Wolf could not believe his eyes. Eight months ago, the only sub he had ever wanted simply vanished – now she stood before him. This time he would keep her close and ensure that she would not disappear again.

Jade was shocked, but overjoyed when she bumped into the Dom, who she had previously known only as ‘Sir’. Her inability to forget the commanding Master, who had rocked her world eight months earlier, had ruined her. It would never be possible to find another Dom who could give her what this man had awakened in her.

The intense attraction between them was as electric as ever and Jade blossomed under his whip and flogger. She was helpless against his expert molding of her body’s response to his command, and Zane took full control of her. His sensual torment and her brazen ways swept everyone in their path into their love affair.

When Jade’s haunting past threatens to destroy their relationship, Zane must decide between defeat and keeping the woman he loves. In the midst of the trouble, the Syndicate once again rears its ugly head and threatens to deal them a blow from which they may never recover.


His Defiant Sub - Book 8



At first glance, Quade Cutter took Maxine Dwyer’s breath away. He also brought about one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, triggering a life altering decision – one that landed her on a stage, being auctioned off at Club Alpha Cove, an exclusive BDSM club.

Quade had no interest in embarking on a relationship of any kind, until he felt Maxine’s body instinctively react to him, that is. An instant possessiveness hit him right in the chest and he laid claim to her the moment she entered Club Alpha Cove.

What followed was a whirlwind of emotions, overwhelming them both, awakening Maxine’s sensual side, and filling a deep void in Quade’s life. 


Ghosts from her past came back to haunt Maxine, threatening to break down the trust between the couple.

The Syndicate is still after the Senior Masters and their loved ones. It was time to end the rein of the organization and in this eighth installment, the Doms came one step closer.

His Forever Sub - Book 9

ASIN: B014LJGQAS - A Gold Flogger Award Nominee


Iliana Wolf was underfoot in the club wherever Ryder Whitmore turned. He was irritated, he was annoyed, and he was aroused - all the time. There was something about her that called out to him and he found it hard to resist. As a successful businessman, he knew how to deal with people and as the Club Manager and Senior Master at Club Alpha Cove, he knew how to handle women. He’d had more than enough ‘little pets’ in his bed as proof of that. Now, he ran across one woman he didn’t know how to handle. He kept pushing her away with one hand and dragging her back with the other.

Iliana wanted Ryder from the first moment she laid eyes on him and made her intentions clear, willing to fight for what she wanted. She was a tough cookie in the boardroom and had brought grown men to their knees many a time. But there was something missing in her life. She needed more, she needed to let go of being tough and let someone else be in charge. She believed Ryder was the man to take full control of her.

What followed was an emotional rollercoaster filled with swirling emotions, insecurities, and Ryder’s past, which tore them apart. Would he be able to rebuild the bridge that he destroyed with his actions? Moreover, would Iliana believe him?

And what about the Syndicate? How far will they go this time to obtain their primary goal? Taking over David’s Island.



His Cherished Sub - Book 10

ASIN: B015VE6J5E - A Gold Flogger Award Nominee



Zander Oslo was a successful attorney and a very busy one at that. The Syndicate case took all of his energy and a woman was the last thing he had time for. Especially a sultry, hot, exquisite vixen who tempted him beyond belief. As a Senior Master at Club Alpha Cove, he was more than happy with the subs available to him. They sure loved the easygoing Master Z. The only thing he wanted in life was the ease of what they had to offer. He didn’t want anything permanent. Ever.

To say Kendra Mitchell was down on her luck was an understatement. She was jobless, almost penniless, and desperate for a job. When her best friend suggested she apply for the position of assistant to the Club Manager, she jumped at it. She got the job, but she hadn’t counted on the gorgeous Master holding auditions for pole dancers. A man she immediately decided was going to be hers.

She wanted nothing more than to entice him, set him on fire, and capture his heart. Along the way, she forgot one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship. Honesty. When Zander realized she had kept part of her past from him, it threatened to shatter any trust they had built. Would their relationship be able to recover from her mistake?

In the midst of their volatile relationship, tragedy struck Club Alpha Cove. Something so traumatic that it left the lifelong friends devastated. Something they might never recover from.

Their Beloved Sub : For Amy - Book 11

Amazon #1 Bestseller


The Cutter twins were known as the “Badass” Dom’s at Club Alpha Cove, but at the same time all the submissives coveted their attention. There was one, however, who craved it, and then demanded it. Because they promised her, six years before that they would come for her. She waited for them. They never came.


Amy Dwyer was devastated when they didn’t come for her as they had promised and nearly made the biggest mistake of her life. Now, nearly seven years later, she realized she still wanted them. However, it was not going to be easy. Dax Cutter hated

her and he made no secret of it.


Dax and Gunther were disillusioned by the one woman they had both wanted from the first time they met her. Dax hated her for what she did to them, to him and his actions pushed her away time and again, while he pulled her back with the other hand, helpless against the passion she awakened in him.


When a lethal situation developed with a stalker, their protectiveness overtook their distrust and brought them closer together. Will the lurking evil destroy their chance at happiness, or will the sweet, still innocent Amy bring them together?

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