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The conclusion to this riveting dark mafia series.


Zafira Guzun
The Guzun Matriarch, or Comare, as everyone in the Bratva called me. A name I earned as the wife of one of the most respected Bratva Pakhans ever. After his death, I stepped back, preferring to leave the hard decisions to my children… or so everyone thought.

Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. This time, it turned sideways in my throat. Now, I’m being suffocated by those I loved and trusted unconditionally. No more… it was time for them to suffer the consequences.

Bogdan Rusu
The ubiytsa smerti or the death slayer as everyone in the Bratva called me. A moniker I earned as the advisor to the Pakhan of the Guzun Bratva. I’m respected because I’m a nice guy… but I’m feared more, because I have no mercy.

Keeping Zafira Guzun safe had been my priority since her husband passed away. It hasn’t been easy, especially since she meant more to me than being my boss. She was my heart… except she didn’t trust me and that hurt… deeply.

In the end, only one thing mattered…

Who needs to forgive and who needs to make amends… or will pride and hard-headedness be their undoing?

Note: Although the blurb is in 1st POV, the book is written in 3rd POV.

This series must be read in order, because if you thought you knew how it's going to end... you're wrong.




An exclusive BDSM Club with a difference… in the skies, inside a luxurious airbus jet. A mile-high club that will make you wish they sold air miles online! If you have a dark side that needs an outlet, Club Decadent Skies is where you go. For all the CLUB COVE and CASTLE SIN Fans!


Gorgeous cover designed by Sweet 15 Designs (Taylor Dawn)

Preorder special price of $2.99 until release day, then $4.99.

So, preorder book 1 now:

Release Date: June 25th

I’m Wick, short for Wicked Witch… yeah, my mother had a weird sense of humor. That our family name is B!tch, and her penchant in those days to be high and drunk, probably aided the name that I’ve been blessed with. Anyway, as I was about to say, I’m a Private Investigator from Tampa, Miami, and I’m one of the best there is. Why? Because I don’t take sh!t from anyone. Mom should’ve called me No Sh!t B!tch… that would’ve been more appropriate. But I’m digressing again. So, I’m on a job, one that lands me, as a stowaway no less, smack bang in the bowel of a super airbus… but if you think it’s an airplane with plush seats and top-class food, pampering you to your heart’s content… you’re wrong.

I think I just took on a job I am in no way equipped to handle.

I’m Max DuPont, owner of CyberCo Airlines in Miami. We cater for the rich and famous. Those people who can afford to book an entire luxury airbus for one family. Also… the kind of people who need a secure location to conduct meetings—the kind you don’t ask questions about. Money talks and that’s the business I’m in. I like to be on top. I thrive on money and power… which is why I am also the primary owner of an exclusive establishment called, Club Decadent Skies.

What I don’t need on board the virgin flight of our second airbus club, is a snoopy private eye on the search for a man who no sane person should even know exists. She refuses to listen to reason, so, as the Master Owner on board it’s my duty to introduce the bratty stowaway to the thrill of what makes people flock to our website—a mile-high experience she wasn’t bound to forget.

At least bound in my chains of pleasure she would stay alive long enough to change that God awful name of hers.

If you’re ready for the flight of a lifetime with a suspenseful back storyline that tested Wicked and Max’s trust and resilience, then this is the series for you.

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