The Stiletto PI Series, Book 2

In FIERY JORDAN, Book 2, we meet Jordan Sutton and Brock Carter.

My name is Jordan Sutton, a highly educated forty-year-old spinster. I have to tell you … I freaking hate that word but … it is what it is, no use busting my balls over it. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I can hold my own among any chick half my age … and I’ll have you know— I’ll do it wearing my fav stilettos!

I’ve been a co-owner of The Red Reign PI Agency for the past eight years and as the computer geek, I’m the one responsible for digging up dirt on our clients. Sometimes it’s fun … other times, not so much. If only the damn Army Rangers would burn my file and stop punting my skills to the FBI. But no! Once again, I’ve been drawn in their quest to catch one of the most notorious terrorists on their hit list. And wouldn’t you know it … I ended up chained by the same asshat I went to Iraq to find.

Now don’t you dare think I was negligent and got caught off guard. Hell no! I’ll have you know, I was one of three women who completed Army Ranger Training and had deployed with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Iraq as an expert in counter terrorism. Yeah, baby, there it is. My bestie, Paxton and I are two badass Rangers. I don’t break and can crawl through mud and live fire with the best of them and yet, there’s this delusional Black Ops muscle head who believes I need him to save me.

It’s time he faces reality.


My name is Brock Carter. I’m a forty-six-year-old bachelor with muscles that makes women drool. Yeah, my path is littered with sexy kittens flaunting their booty in my face. It used to boost my ego big time. Nowadays … not so much anymore. I’ve sowed my oats far and wide over the past twenty odd years. Don’t get me wrong, I still get lucky on many occasions but there’s one though who’s become a burr in my butt. Soon, she’s gonna scratch that itch …

Anyway, I’m co-owner of a covert Black Ops group called, The Cobras. We’ve been chasing bad asses for as long as I can remember. Like a cheap suit, they’re everywhere,  one worse than the other. We’re on the trail of the most feared Mafia Boss the U.S. has ever encountered and it’s a case that requires all our attention. Now, because of the Red Reign kitties strong arming terrorists, our attention is divided … something we can’t afford.

Not to mention that itch I told you about … yeah, that sassy Jordan Sutton got her ass in trouble and not just any kind … no, the little chit had to go dune surfing in Iraq and got herself captured.  It’s time I set her straight and convince her that a pretty kitty like her should be purring … preferably in my bed. I haven’t found the right words yet and even when I do, I’ll be looking for that lightening left hook she’s got. She clocked some dumb, grab-ass green leutenant with it while wearing a set of knuckle dusters. Shattered his jaw. He had it coming. Anyway,  this badass chick does not back down. 

Even so, it’s time she faces reality.

NOTE: The book is written in 3rd person. The blurb just sounded more fun in 1st person.

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A Valentine’s romance with a touch of suspense



Available wherever quality eBooks are sold.

A man on a mission.

A woman running from her past.

A little girl with one wish.


Life was unpredictable. Something Kade Walker knew all too well. He’d had his entire future planned and had been well on the way of achieving all his goals until fate intervened. Now, as the newly appointed Sherriff of Marion County in Oregon, he was out to start over, perhaps to become human again.


Who knows, he might even find a date for Valentine’s day for the first time in four years.

Life was unpredictable. Something Shay knew all too well. She was living proof of life throwing lemons at you and turning it into lemonade. A feat she was very proud of. Running from a stupid mistake ten years ago came with consequences. Loneliness the biggest of all. Now that her future started to look bright, it was time to change that.

Who knows, maybe she’d even find a date for Valentine’s day for the first time in five years.

Bella only had one wish— something she desired above all else—even to meet Santa Clause—and that said a lot. She wanted a new mommy… and Shay was it.

But life was unpredictable as Shay’s past came back to haunt her and threatened to destroy the newfound love between the couple. Would Bella’s wish come true this Valentine’s of was fate about to intervene again?



* All's Fair in Love and Spells by Victoria Escobar

* Broken Harts by Golden Flogger Award Winner, Pandora Spocks

* My Italian Valentine by the USA Today & International Bestselling Author, Diana Nixon

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