Master Leo is ROARING!





Ace, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of misguided intentions, regret and lies.

 “Why me? This is a job for a bodyguard and I’m anything but.”

As a prior CIA case officer, Remy Torres was highly proficient in tactical maneuvers and firearms, and the perfect DEA agent for the assignment expected of her. One she didn’t want because it placed her in the biggest danger of her career ... to face the one man she knew hated her with as much passion as he used to love her once ... Ace Sinclair.

The man who she’d loved and left, one of the biggest regrets of her life.

I don’t need pretense in my life. I sure as hell don’t need your protection. Get the fuck out of here. Leave. Now!”

Ace Sinclair, aka Master Leo, was the loner among the seven cousins, always had been. A three-year-old grudge had become a festering wound … and her name was Remy Torres, ever since she threw his marriage proposal back in his face. When she turned up unexpectedly, the beast inside him stirred to life … as well as the lust her sensual innocence always awakened.

They would soon learn that lust, a grudge, and regret don't make good bed partners, but it offered the sadist in Master Leo an outlet for the rage that had been boiling in him for so long. 

Amidst the danger of the Chinese Triads and Stone’s life hanging in the balance, they danced the tango of lust, revenge, jealousy, and longing, but was it too late for them to bridge the gap back to the love they once had? 

If only she could overcome her pride…

If only he could learn to trust again ...

Editor’s Note:

Take my sight. Take my hearing. Take my ability to move. Take it all, but give me Ace! With lust and love intricately woven through pain, revenge, and mystery, Ace will have your loins clenching and your heart squeezing with anticipation. 

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