If you climb in the saddle, be ready to ride...

Over twenty-five of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors have rustled up some sizzling, Grade-A, top quality cowboys for you to enjoy in this epic western romance anthology. From heavy-handed herdsmen, bronco-bustin’ bad boys, and every kind of wild, wanton wrangler in between, the heroes of this steamy collection won’t be denied, and they’re guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Save a horse and… know the rest. But don’t delay because Cowboys for a Cause is only available for a limited time.


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Cowboys for a Cause, a western anthology benefiting COVID-19 relief releases June 8th.

Featuring  more than 25 stories from your favorite authors, including


Abby Aaron, Golden Angel, Alyssa Bailey, Peyton Banks, Linzi Basset, Vanessa Brooks, Tessa Carr, Sierra Cartwright, Kallista Dane, LJ Garland, Raisa Greywood, Shanna Handel, Alta Hensley, Desiree Holt, Delta James, Isabella Laase, Sue Lyndon, Stevie MacFarlane, Yolanda Olson, Meredith O'Reilly, Kate Richards, Laylah Roberts, Maggie Ryan, Piper Stone, Maddie Taylor, BJ Wane, and Mary Wehr!

And all for only $6.99!!!

The proceeds from Cowboys for a Cause will be donated in their entirety to Direct Relief Coronavirus Response and the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. But please note that Cowboys for a Cause is not affiliated with or endorsed by either charity.

To learn more about the charities or make an individual donation please visit:

Direct Relief:

Feeding America:


My Story in the Anthology


A Billionaire Bad Boy BDSM Novel

She bought a date with the notorious cowboy at a charity auction ... only she wasn't prepared for the kind of date he had in mind.


“I’ll never in a million years beg you for anything, let alone to spank me!”

Hunter Scott was like the proverbial toothache who kept popping into her life at the most inopportune times. This time he dangled a carrot her starved body couldn't resist and turned her life topsy-turvy.


“Now that’s something a man like me can’t refuse. I accept your challenge.”

Rachel Davies was a natural submissive who needed to be brought to life and the one woman the Dom in him craved with a hunger he didn't bother to suppress any longer. He set out to break down her defenses ... one spanking at a time.


Would Rachel be able to trust the rogue cowboy to give up his roaming ways? And when acts of violence threatened to break her, would she be able to overcome the doubts that his affections were true, or would she believe it was only a farce to take her beloved ranch out from under her?



Editor’s Note:

If cowboy hats, jeans, muscles, and a deep southern drawl are what it takes to turn you on, look no further. With the perfect Texan flavored recipe of mystery, heartache, greed, passion, and lust, Rogue Cowboy will lasso your heart and your loins and rope you right in.   

Since there is a word limit of 30k for the anthology, once it's over, I'll be adding an additional four chapters before it's released on its own. 

ZEKE - Castle Sin Book 6

Releasing July, 7Th




“I’m going to challenge fate, little one. I want you and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you walk away from me until I’ve had my fill.”

In the wake of a devastating loss of a man who had turned him into the powerful Dom he was, Master Dragon endeavored to move on but the sassy and curvy woman he met at the airport, threw a spanner in the works. Suddenly, his emotions shifted but trust was the one thing that didn't come easy to Zeke.  He wanted her. She was lying to him. He knew it and intended to find out what she was up to. The one thing he refused to do ... was walk away from her.

“Thank you but no thank you. I’m nobody’s lollipop to suck on until your ears pop from the sugar rush.”

Taylor Banks was in deep shit ... so deep she needed a place to hide. Where better than an unknown location? She set her sights on The Seven Keys Island, where her bestie, Peyton Jackson, now lived. The only problem was, how did she get there since she can't get hold of her. A chance meeting with one of the famous Rothman cousins might just solve her dilemma but was she ready for the plans the most powerful Dom she'd ever come across had in store for her?


Amidst untold violence, death and destruction, the two lovers realize they were fighting the same enemy. Now the stakes were higher and Zeke would do anything ... even kill ruthlessly ... to keep her safe.


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