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Cover: Designed by Taylor Dawn from SWEET 15 DESIGNS

This story follows the prequel, Clandestine Daddy, in the Dirty Discipline 1 anthology, which should be read first --The book will be republished once it is released from the anthology as Covert Daddy.

Kaden Frazer

No one can predict the future. Planning your life? Forget it. Nothing goes as planned, especially when a sassy babygirl enters your life and breaks all the rules... and then your heart.

Sage Lewis

Who says you can’t predict the future? Pfft, I know exactly where mine is heading! Straight into hell. I've been working my tail off to stay on track, and it has led me into the arms of a Daddy Dom who completely rocks my world. Unfortunately, fate is unpredictable. I have no choice but to walk away… with a broken heart.

She had to walk away. Not only to keep further information from leaking that could affect national security, but to keep the man she came to love safe… and alive.

If you haven’t read Clandestine Daddy yet, it’s part of the Dirty Discipline 1 Anthology, available here:





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The Decadent Sins Saga concludes with the riveting story of the young man Torin took under his wing. Now, twenty years later, he is the Mafioso to fear…

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They say I am the Devil’s Spawn.

They aren’t wrong.

They say I am evil incarnate.

They aren’t wrong.

I am Death.

Brendan Caruso

I was born Kent but since my eighteenth birthday, one man taught me the true value of who I was and who I was meant to become… a man I now call Dad, aka Torin Caruso, who legally adopted and changed my name on my nineteenth birthday. Now, I am the legal son and successor of the most feared Mafioso the country has ever known.

Until me.

Under Boss X’s tutelage, I became the best of the best Mafiosos out there. The word no isn’t in my vocabulary and those who dare use it, quickly learn the error of their ways. I’m fiercely protective of my Caruso family, so when Xia Silver came snooping at Decadent Sins under the premise of looking for a job, I smelled a rat. She was too refined, too articulate, and too pretty to be as destitute as she claims to be.

Not that it stops me from allowing my testosterone to get the better of me. Instead of looking out for my father, I was too caught up expunging pent up lust with the pretty redhead to take notice. He ended up behind bars because of my slackness.

Now, I’m on the warpath. Xia Silver will pay for her deceit, and since her father is the Boss of the East Coast Mafia intending to oust the Caruso family, I know just how to get Torin out of jail and end their interference—killing two stones with one bird…

I’m going to marry the twit. There will be no mercy. She will learn no one uses the Devil’s Spawn and walks away scot-free.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the blurb is in 1st person, the books is written in 3rd person.

This series must be read in order.

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