Master Leo is about to ROAR!

Releasing February, 8th




Ace, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of misguided intentions, regret and lies.

“Why me? This is a job for a bodyguard and I’m anything but.”

Remy Torres used to be a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer and highly proficient in tactical maneuvers and firearms. She resigned four years ago because death had come knocking on her door too many times during the last four years in the field. She had just turned thirty and had too many personal goals she wanted to achieve to die without seeing any of them to fruition. Only she completely messed up one of them. One she'd been regretting for the past three years. Now ... a new assignment placed her in the biggest danger of her career ... to face the one man she had no doubt hated her with as much passion as he used to love her once ... Ace Sinclair.

“I don’t need pretense in my life. I sure as hell don’t need your protection.” He bore upright and grimaced painfully. He slapped away her hand as she rushed forward to assist him. “Get the fuck out of here. Leave. Now!”

Ace Sinclair, aka Master Leo, was the loner among the seven cousins, ever since his marriage proposal was thrown back in his face ... with no explanation or excuses ... she just turned and walked out of his life. He'd been bearing a grudge against Remy Torres for the past three years, which was why he abhorred the stirring of lust the moment she arrived at the hospital.

They would soon learn that lust, grudge and regret don't make good bed partners.

Amidst the danger of the Chinese Triads and the life of Stone hanging in the balance, they danced the tango of lust, passion and longing ... but was it too late for them to bridge the gap?

If only he could come to trust again ...

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