Decadent Sins is a dark Mafia suspense BDSM romance series, evolving around the lives of  Torin Caruso, his cousin, brother, best friend and protégé. It's dark, delicious and not to be missed!



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Decadent Sins Series, Book 1

Discover your dark side…


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They say I have a dark side.

They aren’t wrong.

They say I am the devil.

They aren’t wrong.

As the owner of an exclusive BDSM club, Decadent Sins, Master Zeus was respected and loved by many. As The Slayer, the Boss of the National Crime Syndicate, Kings, Inc, Torin Caruso elicited terror in most.

But never the twain had met … and for as long as he had control over the double lives he lived … they never would. To date, he’d kept his true identity from those who vied to end the reign of the most feared Crime Lord.

…Until she arrived at the club. Dakota Harris, a snoopy FBI Agent, who stuck her snippy little nose in where it didn’t belong. He’d be damned if a woman destroyed the secret he’d worked so hard to keep.

Before she realized her mistake and could retreat, he’d strung her up and taught her a lesson she’d never forget. Now, all he had to do was to keep her under his Dominant spell to ensure she kept her pouty mouth shut.

Except, he’d come to find her a conundrum; was she a sly serpent or a sensual submissive? Had the mighty Master of Decadent Sins finally met his match?

Editor’s Note:

Hot! Hot! Hot! This is one of those “this is so hot, I can’t put it down but I also need a cold shower to keep from combusting” type of reads! Torin is fire! Dakota is his perfect match … and their chemistry is … oh, just divine. Mix in some betrayal, some dark secrets, and Dominant Nature will surely dominate you until you’ve read from cover to cover and left you in a puddle on the floor.



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A Dark Desire Novel

A series of standalone Dark BDSM novels

This is NOT a romance. He doesn't redeem himself and there is NO happy ending. If you expect either of those, this book isn't for you.

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He's a bastard. Beyond redemption.

He knows it.

And he doesn't care.


They love him. Because he reforms their insubordinate subs and slaves.

He knows it.

And he doesn't care.


They fear him. The women he 'shows' the error of their ways.

He knows it.

And he doesn't care


There used to be a time that he cared. Where he loved and was loved. Where he used tenderness and care to guide and protect. Until he learned to hate.


Five years is a long time for hatred to fester.

He knows it.

And he doesn't care.


She will come to hate him.

He knows it.

And he doesn't care.


He only has one goal.

For her new Master to realize he needs help to reform his slave.

He's been waiting patiently.


Patience is a virtue. His has paid off. Now, he can finally show her the error of her ways.


He knows he can.

Because he is ...


The Enforcer


Editor's Note: Don't get comfortable. Don't relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. And prepare to have your brain and your loins twisted into knots as the Enforcer breaks obstinate slaves. You will cringe, you will wince, your body will tense. You might grind your teeth, your insides will clench, your nipples will pucker, and you might even come … as you secretly wish HE could break you too …


Although there is a sensual and emotive story entwined, which includes a theme of power exchange between Doms/Masters and submissives/slaves, this book is very dark and is more than BDSM, it goes beyond that. Remember that it is a work of fiction and please take heed the Author’s warning at the beginning of the book.

Please proceed with caution and If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.



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