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There’s just something about the supernatural that draws me. The excitement of the unknown and the unreal, that allows me to let my imagination run wild. 

Kimila Taylor is an alter ego of International Bestselling author, Linzi Basset, who is a South African born animal rights supporter with a poet’s heart. She is a bestselling fiction writer of suspense-filled romance erotica books, who as the latter, refuses to be bound to any one sub-genre. She prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing historical and even paranormal themed works.


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Love Awakens Their Royal Soul

Releasing October, 1st 2021


For weeks, Blane Pazu, aka the immortal demon Pazuzu, oldest Prince of the Hanbi Faction, had experienced the pull of a female essence— something he’d been searching for and believed wasn’t meant to be for years— his life mate. The timing sucked since it was imperative to find his lost amulet to break Lucifer’s curse and thereby save humanity… so he chose to ignore it.


“This amulet chose you to find the demon it belongs to. If you fail, humanity will die.”

Zara Santiago came to Sin City five years ago to hide from her past. She’d kept a low profile, too scared she’d be found and killed. She should’ve known better than to go to the famous fortuneteller, Madame Leilah, with her friends. For one, she didn’t believe in anything as frivolous as the mystique world, let alone demons, angels and shit. Hence, the amulet was thrown into a bowl at her entrance hall and forgotten about… until it started to glow.


The day the black-haired angel fell into his arms, Blane knew he was lost. But how could he trust a stranger who was asking too many questions and knew exactly what his amulet looked like? Was the evil goddess behind her appearance or Lucifer himself? Why then, knowing of the danger trusting her held for them all, was it possible that the feisty mortal with the huge blue eyes managed to unleash Blane’s darkest passion?


A Guardian’s spell had been cast but Blane was left wondering… who wielded the power? Him… or the mortal human?

Forged by Twilight Paranormal Romance



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Love Awakens Their Royal Soul

Releasing March, 14TH, 2022


Burak Pazu, a Humbaba Immortal Demon and a Hanbi Royal, thought he had more time, but the curse Lucifer had bestowed on all the factions of the otherworldly creatures threw a spanner in the works. The love of a variety of women to ease his lusts were over. He had to find his life mate … and quickly.

To exacerbate matters, their family amulet had disappeared… again, and that placed them right back where they had started… struggling for the survival of their race and that of humanity.

“Like your friend, you have been chosen for a mate-bond with a demon. Guard this amulet with your life or see the end of the world as you know it.”

Orla Murphy scoffed at the warning of the fortuneteller, or as her friend insisted, a supposed witch—which she of course didn’t believe existed. Mate-bond? What did that even mean? Besides, her friend Zara was happily married to the most gorgeous man and there was no way in hell he was a demon.

Then she met his brother… and she started to believe maybe demons did exist. How else? This man was devilishly handsome with a charisma she couldn’t resist. He twisted her mind with no more than a touch but being close to him brought a pain searing through her soul that threatened to blind her.

Known as the demon of the forest who could destroy as much as guard by touch, he was confounded by the power the fiery human had over the stellar control he was known for. As he battled the devil Lucifer in the quest to save their faction, Burak had to face reality. She had become a distraction he couldn’t afford and since he didn’t experience the mate-bond pain with her, it was time to walk away and find his mate.

It was easier said than done. Once he bound her to him with a Guardian’s Touch, his desire to return to the Underworld began to wane. The decision he now faced could destroy, not only his faction, but the entire human race.

The trilogy must be read in order, so if you haven’t read GUARDIAN’S SPELL, The Hanbi Royals Book 1 yet, why not delve into the delicious world of demons and devils!

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Originally released as Slade: First Touch by Linzi Basset

The Alastor Chronicles is a series around the lives of The Alastor King, Slade Gruber and his two princes—Wade and Jax Wagner.

In Slade: Blood Moon, book 1, we meet King Slade and his intended mate, Chiara Silas.

She said ...

My name is Chiara Silas and I am a vamp-were slayer. My only goal in life is to hunt these grotesque, undead creatures; to avenge the killing of my innocent siblings.

So, there I was, on the run, minding my own business while I hid in his truck. I honestly thought he was a harmless trucker, until he had me naked and kissing in the back of his truck. Things went south from there. He turned out to be a bloody king and I turned out to be Dracula’s relative (ye Gods!) Then he started talking about mating for eternity. I mean, don’t get me wrong. He’s delicious to look at and has that Master-of-the-Universe thing going for him. But I prefer my men humbler and with fewer teeth. Did I mention he’s part vampire, amongst other things? Also, he looks at me like he wants to eat me whole. Much as I’d like to end up as his dinner, I have a job to do. The Red Moon marriage is right around the corner and I have some serious ass to kick.

He said ...

My name is Slade Gruber and I am the King of Alastor Protectors. I am here to protect humans and preserve the balance of humanity.

So, there I was, minding my own business, when this red-haired hellion trespassed on my truck, held a gun to my balls and ‘silently’ begged me to make love to her. Things got interesting from there. She’s gorgeous and funny. She also turned out to be my mate, preordained by a long-standing legend. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong. I am hungry and she looks good enough to eat, but I have more pressing problems right now. Like the upcoming Red Moon marriage and the mutiny in various vampire covens. All hell is about to break loose and my spitfire mate is in the middle of it.

Curious about what happens next? Why don’t you take a ring side seat and join Slade & Chiara on this thrilling ride?

Because, if you think you know how this ends ... think again!


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Originally released as Azriel: Angel of Destruction by Linzi Basset

Azriel, is the leader of the Rebel Angels as he continues his search for his mate. His time was running out as he had to mate before he reached his Golden Years. Unless he does, his ruling would come to an end and he would roam the universe, destroying worlds in his wake.

Claire Burrows didn’t believe in love and had closed her heart from such a benign emotion years ago. She had no patience for folklore and was aghast when the editor of the Fashion Magazine she worked for, sent her to interview a professor at an Angel and Demon conference.

Prepare for a fast, hot, and sexy suspense tale, laden with deep emotions and humorous sassy female at the helm who refuses to accept the reality of angels and demons.
If you’re in the mood for some fantasy, sexy angels, and demons, this is the story for you.


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Originally released as The Flame Dragon King by Linzi Basset

Welcome to the wonderful Planet of Zaurak, home to the Metallic Dragons and the story of Zaluc, their powerful King and his mate Amber.


She is a human; how can she be his mate? But Zaluc knows it doesn’t help to fight the fate the Universe has decided for him.


Amber Brittle is a successful Paleontologist living a peaceful life. Enjoying her anthropological studies and all the various places this takes her. All of that changes when she finds herself naked and orgasmic in a dark cave with a man who changes everything she ever believed possible.


Suddenly her life is filled with spaceships, dragon shifters and the unknown. She’s taken away from all that she knew as mate to the Dragon Shifter King.


Zaluc Yazvatski is the King of the Metallic Flame Dragons, from the planet Zaurak. Her Jasmine scent wakes him from a deep sleep in his cave under Castle Kinloch and he knows he has to make her his. In his usual dominant kingly manner, he takes what he wants and sweeps her away to his planet.


Zaluc has his hands full trying to keep his true mate safe in his own world, while trying to help her accept her new life. Especially as he keeps forgetting she is a human and doesn’t know all their ways and beliefs. If he can keep her away from the other males on his planet, who craze after her scent and want her sensual body for themselves, he can mate with her and make her his Queen. When Amber finally accepts her new life on the strange planet, fate and reality intervened.


Zaluc fears the sacrifice the Universe expected from them. A sacrifice his beloved mate will have to make to save the Universe from all evil.


Will their love be strong enough to endure this test?


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