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Linzi's Poems - Naughty in the snow

With all the snow so many of you are experiencing, I though to have some fun with this poem...*wink!

Naughty in the snow

The snow has you in-house bound I see you lazing in your bed As you reach toward me And wrap me in your arms I sigh into the gentle kiss upon my lips My brow and my throat

My hand flutters over your chest Searching and heating your cold skin OH NO! Woe and behold The snow had to be plowed And therein lies the woe

Mister Winkie where have you gone? Shriveled and alone Hopping along the freezing cold Come hither you little bugger Time to heat your little quiver

LOOK and behold Mister Winkie is still alive As he unfurls from the cold Heated within the cavern of love

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