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Welcome to my Blog page!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I have been meaning to do a Blog post for ever and a day. Time however, never played along, hence this is my first Blog ever.

Welcome to you all and I hope we are going to have lots of fun on my Blog. I would like to meet all my fans and readers and would love to get to know you. So, please don't be shy, participate as much as you'd like!

Beware, I write erotica with a BDSM focus and if this is not your cup of tea, please do not participate purely to leave negative and derogatory comments.

As you can see, I've redesinged my webpage. A New Year, brings along a new page so to speak and I am excited about what the year ahead holds. What can you expect you ask? Well, there is the beginning of the new Club series, Club Wicked Cove, the stories of the Masters of the exclusive BDSM club situated in Jacksonville, Texas. The owner, Colt Fargo is the cousin of Quade Cutter, one of Club Alpha Cove's Masters, so...who knows, we might run into some of your favorite Masters in this series as well! Later in the year, we will also meet the Masters of Club Devil Cove, situated in Washington DC, owned by Rhone Greer and his best friend Keon LeLuc, younger brothers to Masters of Club Alpha Cove, Ruark Greer and Bracus LeLuc.

I am also co-writing with James Calderaro as you might have seen. We are in the process of completing Book 2 of The White Pearl series, The Crow's Nest and planning to publish in January. After that we have some projects we are working on to write a Suspense novel and after that a Thriller. But, never fear, I will still be writing all your favorites in between those!

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