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I'm an Erotica Writer...Or am I?

I’m an Erotica Writer…or am I?

Have you asked yourself that or a similar question?

I’ve always had an active imagination from the time when I was a little girl. I would sit in the backseat of my father's car, when we were driving somewhere, and gaze up at the clouds and see shapes form and create my own fairytale. My favorite was about dragons and faeries.

I haven’t changed that much, seeing as I started a dragon shifter series, which I promised my fans I would continue this year, so I better get to that soon! But I digress. I was my language teacher's favorite pupil because my essays were always creative, which was why it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to start writing.

I published my first two romantic novels in the early nineties in my native language, Afrikaans. They were quite popular, but then life interfered and I wasn't able to continue. I only started writing again in 2014 when I sought the need to express the inner conflict that I was experiencing; the desires and needs I had suppressed for so long - all of that was what I poured into my stories. For that matter, it's what continues to drive my passion to write. It is a discipline that has helped me find focus and has empowered and consequently enabled me at this stage in my life to make plans for the near future; one that is enmeshed in a world of imagination as a full-time writer.

In that first year, I published 15 novels as Sabel Simmons. These were erotic romances with alpha males and strong women who defied them from page one. I’m a softy and all of my books have happy- ever-after endings.

In 2015, I emerged as Linzi Basset and created Club Alpha Cove, a series based on an exclusive BDSM club. It took off like a rocket. I haven’t looked back since. I am now in the process of writing and publishing the first book in a new series, Club Wicked Cove.

What made me decide to write erotica? Hmm. I wonder still about that question. I suppose it’s the voyeur in me. That little wicked devil who loves to shock and offer something that will entertain readers while making them hot under the collar.

I’m a passionate person and write with that same passion. Erotica is that extra pinch of spice that adds more flavor in a mundane world. It can be the perfect partner in bed, the ultimate climax and/or the bold, sexy woman that drives her partner crazy.

The funny thing is, I have this inherent desire to create something more. Something different. Something that will challenge, not just my imagination, but also the writer, the creator in me. Some of you might have read the short story that I co-wrote with James Calderaro. We collaborated on another, full-length, still unpublished – last year. Well, James always challenged me to do more, to do better. To find words that express not just the pictures in my mind but to create a vision for the reader to feel as if they've stepped into the page and are experiencing the action from a front-row seat. He is the one that made me admit that I've always wanted to produce more than just erotica. All my stories are woven in a world of thrilling suspense, mayhem, violence and murder.

So, that’s my goal. To boldly go where I’ve never gone before…as it’s said in the Startrek series.

I’m looking for that story that will bowl me over and thrill the readers. What genre you ask? Well, I don’t know, but I do know it will involve suspense and an intricate plot.

Will I stop writing erotica? No, I don’t believe I will. Writing erotica is, in a manner of speaking, a way of finding myself as a woman. To continuously evolve and grow sensually…not just in my books, but in my personal live as well.

Yep, you guessed right! To be bold and sexy and make my man crazy!

So, what made you decide to be a writer and are you writing the genre you want to, or because it’s what sells? Tell us, I would love to learn more about what drives fellow writers out there!

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