I interview Dakota Storm

Here we go ... let's jump into bed with the erotica author, Dakota Storm!

Dakota says she believes that sex includes the mind as well as the body, stimulate the brain and the body will follow its lead. She believes erotica tells a story. There is a background, the hows and whys of the way people meet. The characters are fleshed out so the reader can picture them, maybe even identify with them, but they're made more real. And the sex, always hot and steamy, is a natural progression of the story and designed to arouse the reader. Porn, on the other hand, is all about the sex. There's not usually a story, there are names of people that you know nothing about, and the sex, though sometimes hot, is the main focus throughout.

Boiled down, and kept Dakota blunt, erotica is a mind blowing orgasm that drains your body and leaves you limp, while porn is a hand job orgasm, while quite satisfactory for a moment in time you are nowhere near satiated. So, erotica is steak and you're fulfilled for hours. Porn is fast food, a five minute meal.

So without further ado, let’s see what makes this enigma tick!

Dakota, first things first, give us the rundown on who is Dakota Storm.

I’m an easy going person and get on with almost everyone, and I have an imagination that drives most of the people close to me wild. I talk books and writing most of the time, and any author would do, but people who aren’t just don’t get it.

I’m from the UK, Wales to be exact, in a little town called Swansea. You’ll often find me on my laptop, or twitter lol, and a lot of the time out walking my dog.

I’ve met you when I joined Mr. Blackthorne’s group and your – True Shades of Passion: Pink – was one of the first books of the authors in the group that I read. How did you come up with the idea of writing a kind of an … instruction manual, so to speak, on lesson in eroticism?

Ah! Now there’s a question. My True Shades of Passion idea came from an experience when I was younger, and I thought about how I would have dealt with the issue now, knowing more than I did back then. Then I got to wondering if anyone else would have come up with the same answer and thought I’d write it down. Who knows, maybe there is someone out there that is in the same position now that I was back then.

Where do your ideas come from and how do you decide on a title for your books?

My ideas come from day to day thing. Something I see, or hear, will trigger something that I think would make a good story. My titles usually come after my book is written, like it tells me what it should be called.

You’re well known as writing in the erotica genre, but you also write under a different name in another genre. Which genre and how did you ‘migrate’ from the one to the other?

My other genre is supernatural, werewolves and vampires, both things I have loved to read growing up. I hopped over to erotica when a friend mentioned it, and at first I was a little skeptical, I mean there are so many great erotica authors already out there, but the more I thought on it, and when my idea flashed through my mind, I thought I’d give it a try and see how it went.

So, the big question everyone always asks us female Erotica writers. How much of your own experiences are in your stories?

Lol I knew that one was coming. You’re right it’s asked often. There are a lot of personal experiences in my writing, though I do use creative license to build on the parts that are pure fantasies.