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This was done as a tongue in the cheek "gift" to an Author friend.


Bianca's Abduction - An erotic Short Story by Linzi Basset

She woke up in stages. The first thing that penetrated her hazy mind was that she was moving.

Wait! How is that possible?

She forced her eyes open and found it was pitch black around her, blacker than the darkest night. Lifting her hand to wipe her eyes, she realized she couldn’t. Her hands were bound behind her back. Her breathing increased, she fluttered her eyes, and panic hit when she found that she was blindfolded. Battling to breathe, she whimpered and tried to sit up, but froze when a warm hand pressed her back down against the car seat.

“Keep still, we’re nearly there.”

The deep, guttural voice demanded obedience and Bianca felt heat penetrate her skin where the warm hand touched her naked body. Suddenly all her senses came alive. She felt the slight chill shiver all over her body. The soft feel of the leather seat beneath her skin brought yet another realization to mind.

Oh, holy shit! I’m naked, in a moving car, with a sexy-voiced man.

A voice that sounded vaguely familiar and she frowned. She should have been petrified, yet there was something in that voice that soothed her. Offered her comfort in a very frightening situation.

Are you fucking crazy, woman? You’re being abducted, naked, in case you missed it and you’re not screaming your head off!

She pulled in a deep breath intending to let out a scream for help when the same warm hand closed over her mouth. The voice deepened and the warning was harsh as he barked darkly, “Behave or I will gag you, Bianca.”

Hell and damnation! He knows my name.

Fear now clawed at her stomach as she felt the warmth of his breath against her cheek.

“I’m going to remove my hand and I expect you to behave. Is that clear, Bianca?”

Bianca nodded, miserably aware that the heat of the man’s breath and his strong hand over her mouth excited her. Her belly quivered and her pussy clenched as his lips moved over her cheek to nibble on her ear. Heat filled her core and she bit back a moan as the telltale moisture of her arousal coated her thighs. Shaking her head desperately, she managed to dislodge those wicked lips from her ear, cringing at the knowledge that her arousal was a betrayal to her husband. One who was currently in Dallas on a business trip. It didn’t matter that they had a fight because of that; she loved him. But, guilt at what this stranger made her feel awoke the tigress in her. She closed her teeth around the soft palm pressing against her lip and bit down. Hard.


The stranger responded with a hard slap on her tits, her nipples throbbing and stinging as a result, and she screamed against his hand, “Hmmoowww!”

Her heartbeat increased and her breathing became choppy as she realized that the car had come to a stop. The moment he took his hand away from her mouth she dragged a rough breath into her lungs, preparing to shatter his ear drums with a scream a blue monkey would be proud of. Preempted that his hard lips closed over hers. A large hand wrapped around her throat and he tightened it slightly when she struggled, quietening her immediately.

Bianca was mortified. How could her body betray her so? How could it want what this man so clearly planned to do? Because she could deny it no longer. She had never been so hot and wet. Well, not in a very long time. She had a happy marriage and the sex between her and Andrew used to be explosive, even wild, always satisfying. Then it changed, became…complacent. Oh, it was still satisfying, but lacked the edge. It lacked the wild passion and sometimes she had the inclination to give him a swift lol up his backside.

His lips slanted over hers as he immediately deepened the kiss, forcing her lips apart and surging his tongue deep. The sensations that swirled down her belly caused a tightening of her clit, which overwhelmed her as he licked her lips. So sensually and with such passion, Bianca could not keep her tongue from sweeping out, drawing his back inside the depths of her mouth. His groan was raw and as rough as sandpaper. She felt a rush of helplessness, a sinking yielding, and a surging tide of warmth that always left her limp when she was this aroused. As if aware of her suddenly boneless frame, he pulled her against his chest and every single molecule of air rushed from her lungs.

Holy mother of Mary!

He was hard all over and she could feel every ridge of his wide chest press against her naked breasts. A small gasp escaped her lips when her nipples – now as hard as pebbles - tingled painfully as he rubbed his rough shirt against the hard tips.

“You are a temptation beyond belief, sweet Bianca. One I am going to devour all night long,” he whispered with a sudden hoarseness in his voice that made her ovaries jump for joy and burst into a song of “Hallelujah”, envisioning the pleasures his promise brought to mind.

Shaking her head, she whispered in desperation, “No, please. I’m married and I love my husband, I can’t…”

“Shhh…forget about everything, baby. Now, here, it’s just the two of us.”

That velvety-soft voice soothed her once again and she tried to remember when Andrew last whispered so hotly in her ear. Made her nether lips quiver with wetness and set her clit thumping for release. It was sad that she couldn’t remember, his habit of just grunting nowadays being the only thing that came to mind.

Bianca was so caught up with her own thoughts that she did not realize he had gotten out of the car until the door on her side opened. Every muscle in her body stiffened when he picked her up with ease and ignoring her protest, carried her up some stairs, pushing a door open with a grunt. Panic set in and she started to struggle, this time letting out a shrill shriek that echoed through the room. His deep chuckle angered her and she kicked out, finding his inner thigh with a satisfied, “Let me go!”

“It’s good that I came prepared, sweetness.”

“Don’t you dare call me that! You…you pervert! NO! What are you…noo! Let me go!”

But he was deaf to the threats and pleas that continued to fall from her lips. Within minutes she was breathless and tied spread-eagled on what felt like a soft bed. A warm hand brushed over her belly, down her legs and rubbed the tender spot just below her ankle. She whimpered as a rush of heat spread through her belly, setting her core on fire. That one tender spot tickled every nerve awake in her body and shivers ran up her spine.

“Beautiful. You are so fucking beautiful, sweetness.”

“I…don’t call me that, please.”

It was Andrew’s pet name for her and it felt wrong that he used it under these circumstances.

“Please, I beg you. Don’t do this. Let me go!”

“Not even an option. No, Bianca, there’s a raging fire inside me and you are the only one that can douse it. The kind of fire, baby, that is more dangerous than any flame.”

“Oh, sweet lord!”

The whisper trembled from her lips as his hard body slowly settled between her legs and her traitorous body sighed into his.

Holy shit, he felt so good!

Soft lips trailed over her shoulder, hot puffs of breath heated her skin to a cinder hotter than the midday sun. Agonized gasps escaped her trembling lips; her skin sizzled where his soft mouth caressed the silky texture as his tongue languidly licked the sweetness between her breasts. The scorching heat moved closer to the aching tips of her breasts and a raw cry of ecstasy burst from her lips when he engulfed her nipple in the wet recess of his mouth.

Bliss. Pure bliss.

Arching her back, she pressed her nipple deeper into his mouth and moaned as he nibbled on the aching tip. Raw need arrowed to her pussy, which was pulsing with such arousal it was painful.

“Lord…this is…I shouldn’t feel like this!”

Yet, no matter how much her mind denied what was happening, her body demanded it, ached for it, and yearned it.

“Clear your mind, baby. Stop thinking and just feel. Feel what is between us.”

Oh shit…he’s going to…hmmm.

When those wicked lips closed over her labia and his tongue speared deep inside her heated channel, all thought fled from Bianca’s mind. Now, there was nothing, no thoughts and no denial. Only this. The ultimate pleasure he offered with his devilish tongue and lips. He tugged, he sucked, and he nibbled, driving her to the brink over and over again. His chuckle was husky as she pleaded then resorted to cursing when he refused to let her tumble over into bliss.

Bianca writhed on the bed, desperately pushing her pussy harder into his face, wanting, and needing him to find her sweet spot. That one spot that made every nerve ending quiver and dance with need. Andrew knew just how to stimulate that spot; Bianca suddenly remembered how her husband always used to love to play with her for hours. Then all thoughts evaporated as her abductor stimulated the spot in just the perfect way, when he found it with the tip of his tongue.

“Holy shit!”

She could feel his smile against her lips as he continued to firmly stroke that juicy spot with his tongue, while softly strumming her clit with his fingers. The pressure rose inside her like a hungry beast ready to devour anything in its path. This stranger was rapidly turning her into someone she did not recognize, a hungry, needy wanton with the yearning to fuck for hours. Lapping at her swollen spot caused that divine sensation to tickle deep inside of her, begging for more.

And so did she, “Please, I need to come. Please!”

“Patience, my beautiful Bianca.”

He stroked harder, faster, growling as she grew wetter, coating his tongue with her honeyed nectar. Watching her face, he felt his heart flutter; his cock was so hard, he found it difficult to concentrate on giving her the pleasure she deserved. The pleasure she needed to allow him the ultimate possession. To possess and own her tonight was his given right and whether she would admit to her own excitement or not, this was how he wanted it. Rough, lustful, and completely unconditional.

Bianca moaned, her body as tight as a spring on the verge of uncoiling. His tongue was on that spot, driving her insane as he flicked his tongue over it with quick, hard strokes. Leisurely he teased her clit, moving his mouth back and forth over her pussy. That wicked tongue of his had her gasping, grunting, and growling for more. She grinded her pussy against his tongue, adding to the friction flowing through her. The sensations turned to shudders. Flames licked at the back of her spine and exploded into shaking, shuddering spasms. He pressed a finger directly on top of her clit, brushing over it repeatedly as she came. She screamed so loud, the sound echoed around the room.

He moved over her body and her pussy clenched, anticipating the feeling of his hard cock driving into her. Over and over, quenching her driving thirst. Now, all thought had fled her mind, her pussy was in full control and it demanded that he possess her. All of her.

“Fuck me. I need you to…fuck me.”

His pushed forward, his hard cock separating those velvet pink petals and he forced himself to draw deep, calming breaths. Clenching his teeth, he forced his entrance to be slow. It was a feeling that always made him feel like the most powerful man on earth. The first moment when that hungry pussy slowly swallowed his dick, inch by slow inch, coating him with her delicious warmth and moisture as he found his home.

“Fuck, baby, you are so fucking hot and wet. So absolutely perfect for me.”

Bianca had stopped breathing, coming to her senses as he pushed inside her clenching channel. Feeling that wonderfully hard shaft drive into her, filling and stretching her, was more than familiar, it was perfect. It awakened a heat inside her that now clawed for release. It rose to the surface and puffed from her lips in a cry of raw, wanton delight.

Lord! He was so hot. He was always so hot.

Now she knew, there was only one that could bring her to such heights and it was his hot thickness searing her insides as he slowly drove into her. His cock thrillingly familiar as he thrust in and out of her. Bianca thrashed against him, bucking her hips, urging him on for more. His carnal growls in her ear spurred her on even more and she clenched her inner muscles tight around his straining cock.

With a hand beneath her waist, he pounded into her, his shaft hitting that special spot deep inside her, driving her closer and closer to the brink. Growling, he felt her muscles tighten around his cock and he lowered himself on top of her, forcing her to take his full weight.

Acknowledging his power over her, she gave one small, desperate plea, “More…”

Grinding his crotch against her clit with every inward thrust, he watched the arousal turn to pain in that split second before her climax rolled over her. He reached up and pushed the blindfold from her eyes, which widened, and a beautiful tender smile curved her lips.

“Andrew,” she sighed just before a carnal scream exploded from her lips.

He waited until she was at the pinnacle of her release before he powered into her, driving through his own climax, exulting in the total primeval pleasure that flashed over her face. Breathing hard and erratically, her eyes danced back to his with wonder and love shone like beacons in their depths. A smile, so familiar and sweet, curved on his lips that Bianca’s heart thrummed with endless love and joy.

“Happy 20th anniversary, sweetness.”

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