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Who can say no to such decadence?

Welcome, to my blogpost . . . another far and in between one, I know . . . but, it's a sweet one!

I must confess. I have an addiction. No, it’s not coffee or torrid sex. Well . . . let me just say about the latter. . . . oh, forget it.

I am a Chocoholic! Dark Chocolate, to be precise. There. I said it. Now, you know. Ah . . . freedom!

I don’t eat ice cream or cookies, but oh, baby, do I love the taste and feel of a chunky piece of dark, delicious chocolate melting in my mouth. And, of course, there are those who will proclaim that chocolate is better than sex.

What? You must be joking. I adore chocolate! Love, love, love it!

Could eat it for days but given the choice? Honey, not for love nor money would I trade a hot and steamy workout in Cupid’s gym with Mr. Studmuffin for an entire castle moat filled with Ganache. Yes. That hot, liquid chocolate. Apparently, invented by the French. Need I say anymore? I would rather it poured on me than float in it.

But now that I think about chocolate’s ancient history and how, over the millennia, it has seduced the imagination and taste buds of gluttons, gourmands and gastronomes the world over, this decadent ebony treat, stripped of its giandujal robe of cognac and saffron and consumed in its essential purity, can only be described as a most divinely sensual experience. Fit for the gods and humans alike.

How many scenes are written in romance novels and erotica with the elixir of chocolate added as a tincture to succor the mind and enrobe the loins? Italians were so very, very right. One doesn’t have to choose. Their decadence is paired like a palindrome!

So, here are the scientific hoohas. Just so you know I’m not thumb-sucking or trying to appear to be super clever!

When eating chocolates, and particularly, dark chocolates – you know, those with higher than 70% cocoa content – a rush of endorphins are produced, which is similar to that warm tingling feeling during sex. Endorphins are those feel-good chemicals that are naturally activated in the brain when our bodies and minds experience euphoria. When endorphins are released, you feel incredibly sensitized – high – off with the faeries to the Moon and back. Reaching this level of pleasure is what rockets a submissive into deep space. For those of you that read BDSM novels, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Excuse me . . . What? You haven’t read my erotica yet?

The truth shall set you free. And the truth is that eating chocolate adds to better sexual arousal and more sexual satisfaction. Maybe it is chocolate’s unique combination of good chemistry and good taste that helps explain its allure.

Get it – chemistry, taste, allure – everything that leads to spiking your thermostat. To me, eating creamy, sweet chocolate is a sensory experience, much like good sex. It is a delightful form of foreplay to dine on each other’s naughty bits drenched as a decadent chocolate dessert.

Even better, pair it all with one of my novels.

I dare you.

Hmm, just picture this. . .

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