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$0.99 E-Books. Good or Bad?

My view on $0.99 E-books. And, I know that it's going to be torn apart by many but this is, purely, my view and how I see it.

Honestly? It depresses the hell out of me. I believe an author should be compensated for his or her craft. At the end of the day, it’s more than a vocation. It’s an art form. A lot of work, time and money go into writing, editing, designing and publishing a book.

Yes, I understand that some Indie authors experiment with price points, lowering the price to 99 cents when sales are slow in an attempt to gain visibility and momentum, and — which seems to have become the norm and the main reason they do it — kick the book into Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle ranking list. Then after the desired result has been achieved, they raise the book’s price again.

And, I'm not talking flash sales or one week $0.99 sales or bank holiday specials, I'm talking selling your book outright at less than a dollar.

For me, I love to see my books in the top 100 ranks and I’ve been lucky to date that every one of my books have made it to the top 50, most of them hit the top 10 ranks – and that at my normal selling price.

Then there are authors who believe that an extremely low price will appeal to cash-strapped readers and if offered at 99-cents, they’ll gain more readers. You know, something is better than nothing. Low royalty payout vs zero sales, kind of reasoning.

And when I say selling an e-book at 99-cents depresses me, I mean to others out there as well. Every single one who has busted their backsides to write, review and polish a book and then have it published, by whatever means.

Editing is taking a massive chunk off my royalty payout and I have to sell hundreds of books at my normal price before I see one dollar profit but seriously, at the end of the day, I believe in myself as an author and wish to offer the best end product to my readers.

I believe in the books that I produce and I should hope my work is worth more than the price of a Snickers bar.

Every writer out there should have the same confidence in their work.

Or put another way, if authors don’t value their work, will readers?

My latest release, HIS DEVIL'S DESIRE,

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