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What is the name of your hometown? How much of your childhood did you and your parents spend there?

I currently reside in Centurion in the capital city Tshwane of South Africa. I was born a little further South in a small town, Vereeniging. We moved to Pretoria the year I was seven years old.

Did you always want to write romance or did you have to dabble a bit with other genres before you found your calling?

I’m referred to as a multi-genre author. I write contemporary, historical and paranormal romance. The genre that I love the most is crime and suspense. I’m also a sucker for HEA and all my books have a happy ending.

As a romance writer, what is the greatest case of love that you've ever witnessed?

The unselfish and unconditional kind where the desires and needs of your partner drives your every action, word and gesture; knowing, instinctively, when something is wrong and offering a loving word to ease his or her mind. I’m very lucky to be the recipient of such a selfless love.

Besides erotic romance, you've also published a book of poems called "Love Unbound". What led you to publish this book? Which poem is the most personal to you?

Love Unbound is a deeply personal journal to me. It wasn’t published with the aim to achieve sales. It was purely an embodiment of my thoughts written in a poetic format to record and bear witness to my journey of finding love. Like the blurb states: “The book follows two people falling in love and how they struggled until they overcame their inner demons to make a connection deeply rooted in their souls.” That is the story that the collection tells and has inspired me to believe that true love really can exist - to have finally found it halfway around the world with someone who shares the same in me is nothing short of divine intervention, an epiphany of sorts, perhaps. What are the chances so late in life, after so much has gone before, to discover that there’s someone out there waiting for you?

The poem that is the most personal to me that summarizes our journey is: Voyage of love Shriveled and shrouded in a grave of distant remembrance Love conquered where past demons once roamed The mystery of our future shimmers like a mirage on the aesthetic skyline As we drown in adulation, spellbound and enchanted within our souls Joyous in the culmination of our copulating hearts Drawn like a magnet to be immersed in love’s potion Dancing like a drunken sailor on the thread that binds our souls Soothing our hankering minds over a distant shore Yearning and listless as the morning dew gives way To the impetuousness of a timeless breeze Purring with a breath of avowal to crown Our hearts with a heavenly calmness Guiding our eternal love on a voyage of happiness

How many series have you written to date and which ones were the hardest and easiest to write?

I have two complete bestselling series, Club Alpha Cove and Club Wicked Cove, with the 3 rd best-selling Cove series, Club Devil’s Cove, currently halfway. I also have two complete novella best-selling series, Their Sub and Their Command series. Then there’s The Tycoon series, The Caught series, both of which are works-in-progress, as well as three paranormal series, The Dragon Shifters, The Rebel Angels and The Alastor Chronicles.

I don’t believe any of the books I write are easy, simply because there are so many emotions that are woven through each one that continue to intensify and escalate further as the series progresses. The hardest for me, I would say, was Club Wicked Cove, as it was a darkly suspenseful series that included every possibility that one might experience in that unconventional lifestyle and the characters who populate that world and who are beset with the complexities of human nature and emotions that drive and animate them. It’s all in there - hate, love, revenge, murder, regret and so much more. It was exhausting and emotionally draining but in the end, very rewarding.

Tell us a little about the first series you ever wrote "Club Alpha Cove"? How did it feel becoming a bestselling author so soon after publishing something?

It was a heady feeling and to date, I still find it hard to believe that every book I published since then has achieved a top 10 rating on the Amazon bestsellers list. I have always been a big fan of Cerise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Lexi Blake and many more similar authors and my interest in writing a series such as Club Alpha Cove was borne from reading their books. It took a lot of research but once I started, the stories just kept flowing. Amazingly, it still remains my top selling series. Many of my fans refer to CAC as their go-to series when they’re in a book slump. That in itself, is the biggest compliment any author could receive.

What gave you the inspiration for the first book in the series "His FBI Sub"? Who did you try and base Ruark and Courtney's characters off of?

I’m a big fan of crime mysteries and suspense stories that involve crime syndicates, the FBI and so forth. It was therefore a natural gravitation for me to develop a suspense storyline that involved the FBI. In this case, Courtney was the FBI agent and Ruark, the King of the BDSM community with a strong financial background. My own background is in the corporate world, so you will always find some part of that in all my books. Neither of the characters were based on real people, but instead drawn from an amalgamation of personalities. Some being many of my own characteristics and quirks. There is a myriad of my own emotions with which I imbue my characters who are portrayed in my books.

Between "Exploration: Nolan's Gift" and "Claimed: Parnell's Gift", which one would you rank higher on the kinky scale? How do you maintain the balance between the kink and the romance in all your books?

That’s difficult to answer. Both books had such different backgrounds but if one were to separate out the kink factor, I would have to say, Exploration, because both Nolan and Jewel were already involved in BDSM and here, let me warn anyone who tucks into this book, to hold fast to something because those scenes were written to be ripping hot! Claimed, was much more romantic because Parnell had to ‘put Kacie back together again’.

What is important to understand is that even though the books are based on a backdrop of BDSM clubs, each couple still has a normal life and relationship outside of that – as is the norm in any BDSM relationship. A dominant cares for his submissive, her feelings, her needs above all else, in and out of the BDSM scene. Kink, in itself, doesn’t exist. Couples aren’t disconnected from their feelings. It’s a dichotomy; without tenderness and vulnerability, there can't be discipline or control, which is key to kink. Trust and communication are vitally important in such a relationship which is what makes it so special. None of my couples practice the BDSM lifestyle 24/7 so balance can be achieved relatively easily as the tenderness and care flows into their daily lives.