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The Bride Series

The Bride series is a new Contemporary romance series with a touch of suspense.


The stories are of gorgeous and successful Alpha Males and the sassy women they choose as brides. Although some characters will appear in other books in the series, all of them are standalone novels.


Claimed Bride

Their Bride Series - Book 1

A contemporary romance series

In Claimed Bride, Book 1, we meet billionaire Alexander Sinclair who might have done the wrong thing to claim the delectable Penelope Winters as his bride.


Penelope was not having a good week.


First her newly minted ‘Ex’husband (she was going to get a t-shirt made) decided to drive off into the sunset (literally) and left her in a pile of shit (figuratively). She’d barely put some dirt on it (actually), when the most gorgeous man on planet Earth showed up and opened his stupid mouth. Alexander Sinclair—billionaire extraordinaire, real estate mogul, one part of the Rogues of Manhattan trio, and all parts wrong for her!


“I need a wife . . . and I don’t do pretend, Penelope.”


Alex was not having a good week (either).


First, his star employee took millions of investors’ money to his grave, leaving Alex to deal with a bloody mess. It got worse (liar!) when he went hunting for the wicked Mrs. Carver, but found a delicious little fire-cracker instead. Alex took one look at Penny and bid adieu to his brain (the one in his head at any rate!). How else could he explain his insane attraction for this sinfully-sexy-potentially-deceptive-caveman-invoking woman?


Sparks fly as Penny and Alex clash in a battle of wills . . . and tangle of limbs (you’ll see). But the Houdini embezzler is still at large and Alex will stop at nothing to keep Penny safe in his arms . . . as his claimed bride.


Editor’s Note: Bring out the #PornCoc. Your week just got better!

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Captured Bride

Their Bride Series - Book 2

A contemporary romance series

Billionaire Blake Harper would do anything in his power to capture the heart of the delectable Michelin Chef, Amber Summers.

“I don’t have time for, nor am I interested in a fling."

Amber Summers was having a hard enough time dealing with a food critic who was doing their best to destroy her reputation and, in the process, close her restaurant doors ... for good. But also dealing with the magnetic attraction of the first man who managed to make her forget her inhibitions was more than she could handle. Until she realized her one moment of weakness had come with a very hefty price.

“Say yes, Blondie. You know you want to.”

Blake Harper was after one thing: capturing the enticing little chef's heart. He had no interest in a short-term love affair. He'd been there, done that. Now, he was ready to settle down. He would have what he was after, no matter what, until a favor for a friend backfired and threatened the future he coveted.

Love doesn't always come easy, especially if there's a determined third party intent on creating chaos.


Sparks fly as Amber and Blake try to weave their way through a white-hot maze of lies and deceit. Will their love survive the flames?

Editor’s note:

Mouth-watering in more ways than one: have your wine, your favorite dessert, and any other fun items you'd like at your near disposal as you traverse this landscape of mental man-candy, scrumptious food, and sizzzzzling sex.

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Chosen Bride

Their Bride Series - Book 2

A contemporary romance series

He was trouble with a capital T. She was his chosen bride and he went at her with all guns blazing

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London was once bitten, twice shy. ​

London Sanders had no intention of falling into the same trap again. Love wasn't an option now. Besides, Mark Farrow was trouble with a capital T, not to mention annoying and self-righteous—but damn, he was hot with his bulging muscles … something that made her ovaries burst out in song and dance every time he was near. Why deny herself some … er … pleasure, right?  Soooo … she offered him a compromise.

London Sanders was his chosen bride and he went at her with all guns blazing.

Mark Farrow had it all. Born from old money and with a heart of gold, he was every woman’s dream. Only he preferred to … er … play the field and wasn’t looking for love. That is, until the cheeky redhead came across his path and changed his destiny. He had no intention of allowing a misplaced broken heart—because he didn't believe she'd truly loved the man who'd treated her like dirt—stand in his way of getting what he wanted.

Would Mark be satisfied with a friends with benefits arrangement ... and if so ... for how long? Was London just setting herself up for heartache ... again?


Only time would tell.


Editor's note:

I'm jealous of London. I want a Mark. As usual, Basset intertwines an exceptional love story — with EXCEPTIONALLY hot scenes— with a twist of crime and suspense. Tender, romantic, with just a dash of jealousy and angst, as well as a healthy dose of erotic candy for the eyes, and Chosen Bride will easily become one of those books you want to read again and again just for the good feels.


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Charmed Bride

Their Bride Series - Book 4

A contemporary romance series

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In Charmed Bride, we meet billionaire entrepreneur, Drake Foster and Shay Jameson; a story of a love triangle and insecurities underlined by hot, scorching passions.


 “Threats obviously won’t work, so be ready, love. I’m going to charm your cute little ass right down the aisle.”

Drake Foster had always enjoyed life to its fullest, feeding his insatiable hunger for the opposite sex as the primary of the Dallas Rogues. When the beautiful former actress, Shea Johnson, returned to Lewisville, he couldn’t forget their one encounter, shady as it was, and now that he’d set his sights on her, he intended to pursue her like he did everything else in life—with undisputable passion.


“Charm all you want. I’m not marrying you.”

Shay Jameson, also known as the actress, Shea Johnson, wasn’t about to be intimidated by the annoying billionaire entrepreneur, Drake Foster. Who the devil did he think he was to accuse her of being the reason his fiancée left him at the church door? And he had the audacity to demand that she owed him a bride, and he was there to collect on her debt.

Try as she might, she couldn’t resist his magnetism, not to mention his gorgeous muscled physique … especially once she was reintroduced to … SERGEANT MAJOR.


“Do you always make a habit of arriving uninvited, Miss Kent?”

When the unexpected appearance of a reporter from Drake's past awakened feelings he’d never expected, he found himself smack in the middle of a love triangle … or was he confusing sexual attraction with something more? No matter how hard he tried to keep his distance from her, he kept spiraling deeper into a well of doubt.

To add fuel to the fire, a ghost from Shay’s past arrived to further the destruction of their future.

Would Shay ever be able to trust Drake again, and as she pushed him away, would Drake be able to keep her safe from the skeletons in her closet?

Above all … would SERGEANT MAJOR―the randy bastard―be satisfied with the monogamy of marriage?

Editor's Note:

Charmed Bride delivers an authentic, heartfelt, funny, and sexy adventure. Adversaries to lovers to more with betrayal and danger sprinkled into the mix and a healthy dose of "Sergeant Major" makes for a very satisfying read.

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