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Welcome to Author Linzi Basset's Web Page

Where you'll find Alpha Males to drool over in suspenseful romance of the heart that are

dark, edgy, and emotive 

Reading ... our escape hatch into another world.  A world where each becomes his or her own.  The Hero or Heroine, the lover, the fighter and above all, the best you can be. 

Always remember, all my stories are a flight of my imagination and fantasies. It is FICTION, pure and simple, meant for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Please make contact. I'd love to hear from you. Tell me who your favorite characters are, which book you liked the most and what kind of stories you would like to hear. To stay in the loop for feedback and some updates, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter. 

You've made it to my site, sit back and relax with your favorite beverage and explore everything I have to offer ... and then start reading!

I hope to hear from you!

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The Interview

She needed a job...he needed something else. Grace Forrester was all dressed up, prim and proper, in her corporate business suit when she arrived for the interview. It was a dream job as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of one of the most successful Architect firms in the States. Grace always believed men like Ralph White only existed in the movies and never expected to be told to strip the moment she arrived. To her shock, she immediately obeyed.

Ralph White was a formidable man, successful, a billionaire and on the lookout for a new ‘girlfriend’. One that would fit his own particular needs to the brink. When Grace walked through the door, he was hooked.


The Poet’s Lover

The Poet’s Lover is a story about the youngest of the sisters, Katherine Blake, who at the age of twenty-five, set her sights on the dashing poet, James Madison, a known rake who was rumored to have a dark side. Instead of scaring her away, Katherine embraced the challenge and set out to capture his heart. She had been dreaming about the poet who inhabited the library once a week to lure the women of Guthrie there with his evocative words.


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