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Their Sub Series is a novella series that will cause your heat level to surge. It’s downright naughty, nasty and filled with excitement.

The introduction to this series is the stories of three best friends, Diana, Shona and Chloe and the Dominants who taught them the intimacies of D/s relationships and the love they had for their women



Their Sub Series - Book 1

A delightful and super hot Novelette

"You need to have your pussy waxed."

Diana is in a fix. Having lost her job in a company merger, she was down on luck and on her last bucks. When an unconventional job offer comes her way, she keels over. Because, let’s face it, she has no other options.

Kade, John and Brad are billionaire CEO’s shopping for their next submissive. Diana is a front-runner, provided she submits to their whims during a series of tests to determine her potential. It’s easier said than done.

They want to take her three-ways.
At the same time.
Most of the time.

What’s a girl gotta do, when three gorgeous hunks want to lay her bare and have their wicked way with her luscious body, in every way possible?

Poor Diana. Here, have some wine.

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Their Sub Series - Book 2

A delightful and super hot Novelette

Their Sub Series is a novelette series that will cause your heat level to surge. It’s downright naughty, nasty and filled with excitement.

Done For – Book 2

"You will not come until I'm inside you."


Shona Nicole is a firebrand. She’s gorgeous, tenacious, self-assured and doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body. Or so she thought. Until, she met Mitch Cooper and his best friends, Jason White and Sam Elliot, for dinner . . . and dinner at a restaurant will never be the same.

Mitch is a puppeteer extraordinaire. He's in control . . . and twists her body and emotions—like a pretzel.

When Shona unwittingly gets caught in the trio billionaires’ strings, it’s time to play with their nubile puppet. Shona will be helpless in their arms - played like a marionette, until she is done for. Oh boy . . .

Is Shona ready?

Because her life is about to be upended in a way she never expected.

Ah Shona! Where’s the wine?

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Their Sub Series - Book 3

A delightful and super hot Novella

In For This, Book 3, sassy Chloe Walker decided to go on a trip to Tucson to visit her two besties, Diana and Shona. A decision that tumbled her entire world upside down.

It all started with the wine.


Chloe was bored. Ever since Diana and Shona got hitched and moved to cow-country, Chloe has been in a limbo. As a successful designer, her career was on the rise. But her personal life needed a serious makeover. That shouldn’t have been reason enough, for Chloe to chug down questionable quantity of wine and wake up in a stranger’s bed . . . er . . . naked.

Things just escalated from there.


Rex was a man on a mission. He’d had his sights set on the delectable Ms. Walker. And now that she was within his grasp, he had no intention of letting her slip away. Along with his best friends, Wade & Mark, Rex starts weaving a web of emotions around Chloe; compelling her to surrender her body and mind to the insanely hot trio.


Chloe was caught. She took the plunge into the unknown and never came up for air. They possessed her. Inside and out. But when the past collides with present, will Chloe persevere?


Chloe better watch out, as the sexy trio is about to school her in the matters of body . . . and soul.


She’ll probably need a lot more wine. For this.

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Their Sub Series is a novella series that will cause your heat level to surge. It’s downright naughty, sexy and filled with taboo.

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Their Sub Series is a novella series that is filled with emotional demons while the couples are caught in a whirlpool of sensual attraction. If you think you know what this series is about . . . think again.

This series is the stories of three best friends, Alexis, Rachel and Shannon and the three owners of the Silversone Resort in the Colorado mountains, Noah, Mason and Logan.


Their Command Series - Book 1

A sultry and super hot Novella

Alexis Moore is between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

After her car wraps itself around a tree (blame Dora, the GPS), Alexis is looking for shelter in the woods. While running from plenty of sinister things, she runs smack into the most dangerous thing in these woods—a wild man, no less.

Okay, so he isn’t exactly wild. He lives in the woods; is built like an oak; has long, luxurious hair; a killer beard and too many abs to count. The only thing standing between Alexis’ lust and his modesty is a tiny towel wrapped around his sinful body. Somebody needs to save this guy.


Not a chance in hell.

Noah Harris doesn’t need too much persuasion to offer his beguiling guest a bed—his bed, for the night; although, there isn’t much sleeping involved.


In the light of the day, things get even more convoluted. But nothing is going to stop Noah from claiming this gorgeous wood nymph for himself . . . and his best friends, Mason and Logan. Alexis is in for one of hell of a debauched ride, to say the least.


But Alexis is weary of love and commitment. A lifetime of neglect and distrust is a hard habit to break. Will she learn to trust Noah and take a leap of faith into the future, or will she be relegated to a lifetime of loneliness?


Will Alexis say yes?

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Say Please

Their Command Series - Book 2

Rachel & Mason's Story

Mason Walker is a man of refined tastes. He likes tarts. Crisp, juicy, moist, fig tarts, drizzled with honey. Mason likes the tart-maker too. She’s juicy . . . full of honey.

Mason is the part owner of the luxurious Silverstone Resort, a brilliant businessman and a gorgeous male specimen. He may appear civilized, but underneath the suave veneer, is a man raging to run wild. He’s ravenous; on the scent of a delicious prey.


Rachel Cooper is a celebrated two-star Michelin chef, making a fresh start in the Colorado mountains, at the resort. She’s quirky― a mixture of sense and sultry. She’s the happiest when concocting recipes and feeding people. Now she has an excellent job and wonderful friends. Life is good. Only problem is her employer, who seems hell bent on making a meal out of her!


Lord have mercy!


Mason wants to devour his prey and savour her sweetness. She’s a breath of fresh air to his jaded senses, with her guileless allure and fiery sensuality.

Rachel was his. To eat, prey, love?


Only if she says please.


As the two of them combust between sheets, an avalanche of emotional demons threatens to annihilate everything in its path. Will Rachel be able to deal with past baggage and find that perfect recipe for love?

Editor’s note: The book is delicious. You’ll be hungry by the time you finish. Order the largest tart!


Note: This is book 2 of Their Command series. The books should be read in order for the best reading experience.


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Say Now

Their Command Series - Book 3

Shanna & Logan's Story

Shanna Lovett needed the support of her friends during a time of the year where she was thrown back to a very painful past. The trip to Silverstone resort unearthed more that she’d ever imagined.


Temporary blurb:


Logan Chase was well known for his sexual prowess, not to mention a powerful dominant. Few people knew of the dark secret and pain he harbored inside him. But, he'd put it behind him and now, he was ready to find the one woman who could love him and accept the lifestyle he lived.


Shanna Lovett carried a heavy burden of loss. Forgiveness didn't come easy to her and she'd been hiding behind it for twelve years.


A faceless dream lover came to life and shocked Shanna back to reality. Would she have the courage to open her heart to what Logan offered? Or would the secret in her past destroy her one chance at finding happiness?


If you haven't read the first two books in this series, now is the time.

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A sizzling trilogy of novellas by Linzi Basset, to singe your imagination!

Set in the picturesque Colorado Mountains, Silverstone Resort is as exclusive as it gets.

There isn’t much, that the billionaire owners of the resort - Noah Harris, Mason Walker and Logan Chase, can’t have. These Dominant men are looking for worthy opponents, in bed and in their lives.

They work hard. They play harder. They love the hardest.

Best friends – Alexis Moore, Rachel Cooper and Shanna Lovett, have sworn off men. Choosing instead to concentrate on their careers, the three friends share an unlikely kinship with each other. Who needs a man anyway? There’s enough chocolate in the world to go around.

What you seek, is seeking you too . . .

Through a series of unexpected events, these determined women must pass through the eye of the storm. One by one, the sexy Doms will lay claim to these amazing women, who not only deserve some careful ‘handling’, but also a happily-ever-after, that seems to have eluded them all until now.


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The Madam Series revolves around the lives of a group of women who had to make hard choices in life and how becoming one of the girls at The Bellissima Resort changed their lives.




She was the victim . . .
Sarah had experienced hardships most of her life. Growing up in a small town being the subject of malicious gossip and ridicule, she and her sister had been socially disenfranchised long ago. When a set of unfortunate events lands her at The Bellissima resort under the tutelage of The Madam, Sarah has no choice but to become one of the girls and trade her body for her mother’s freedom. Innocent little Sarah is the perfect bait. 

Jake Sinclair is part owner of The Bellissima resort—an exclusive environment where every sexual fantasy becomes a reality. He is obscenely rich and much sought after but has no time for relationships until he spots a gorgeous new recruit with the name, Sarah Gould.

When the victim becomes the victor . . .
Like a moth to a flame, Jake has no defense against his own urges and becomes transfixed by Sarah’s beauty with no thought to the consequences. He has to have her.

But will he be able to keep her? When everything around them is collapsing like a house of cards, will Jake find the strength to love the only woman who, in all likelihood, will end up owning him?

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The Sisters of Guthrie Series


The is a series of three, revolving around the lives of three sisters of Guthrie who faced life with a feistiness that set them apart from the other ladies in town. They were all well loved as they set out to find what all women dream about. A love to bring them joy and happiness.



The Guthrie Sisters - Book 1

The Poet’s Lover is the story about the youngest of the sisters, Katherine Blake who at twenty and six had set her sights on the dashy poet, James Madison. A known rake who, from the rumors that were doing the rounds, had a dark side.

Instead of scaring the lovely Katherine away, she embraced the challenge and set out to capture his heart.

She had been dreaming about the poet who invaded the library once a week to entice the woman of Guthrie with his evocative words for years. It was time to take matters into her own hands.

James Madison took but a second to consider the viability of accepting the innocent looking beauty's request for private lessons . . . poetry lessons. He had a dominant nature and the lessons she was about to embark on would change her forever. But, he had watched her silently for the past three years, and wasn’t about to let such an opportunity slip through his fingers.

Would Katherine be able to submit to his demands that could shatter her reputation if anyone knew she became putty in his hands . . . and his ropes.

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