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And what a journey it has been. I can’t begin to thank all my fans and loyal readers for the continued support. Without you, this would never have come to realization. Also, a huge shoutout to the Indie Authors who have embraced me in this world from day one. There are too many special ones to mention by name, but I’m sure you know who you are. To my super special editors, proof readers, ARC and street teams… you are the foundation I thrive on! Thank you so much for being there for me through it all!

I am such a lucky woman to have all of you in my life!

So, what can you win?

The Grand Prize is a Kindle Fire 7 with a purple cover, a paperback set of the Castle Sin series (If you can wait until I’m in the U.S. they’ll be signed!) all THREE of the Read with Book Journals, AND a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Depending on the number of entries, there may be a second and third prize, which will comprise of the following:

Second Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card, a Let’s Read with Passion Book Journal, and a paperback set of Club Devil’s Cove series.

Third Prize: $5 Amazon Gift Card, a Let’s Read with Pleasure Book Journal, and a paperback set of The Guzun Bratva Series (The three books published).

Rules? There is only one catch! Since this giveaway is specifically to reward my fans, you must have read my books to be able to enter. So, if you haven’t read any, now’s the time to start!!

So, what do you need to do to enter?

  1. Enter the rafflecopter here:

  2. Send me the necessary information as per above.

  3. Share and invite friends to participate in the giveaway, provided they read my books, of course! (Note: MUST USE #linzimilestone).  Facebook post to share:

  4. Closing date is October 31st and the winner or winners -- if the number of entries justifies more prizes -- will be announced on November 5th.

  5. Please note: If you don’t complete and enter the rafflecopter, you won’t be in the draw, since the winner will be chosen from the list populated from there.

  6. The decision of the winners will be based on the responses received and my decision will be final.

  7. The giveaway is open to everyone.


So, there you go… enter now! Like and share. The more you do, the better your chances. Remember to use the hashtag #linzimilestone!


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