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If you’re a fan of my Club Cove series, then this is the series for you. This series delves deeper than the powerful Masters and beyond BDSM, the kink and the romance and relationships that hold it all together into the nitty gritty of what really motivates people: fear, love, lust, infatuation, greed.





“I should warn you, Master Eagle, I bite and have been known to scratch.”

Peyton Jackson was a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, the best in her field, but in Castle Sin, she was known only as Sub PJ.

Peyton had stayed away from the ocean for a reason, yet there she was, on a remote island in Key West, surrounded by the sea, gazing at the majestic castle meant to become her home … at least, that’s what she made the seven Masters believe … In reality, she was there for only one reason: to get her cousin off the island.

One unexpected perk … or detriment … was that it placed her directly in the sights of her biggest celeb crush. In contrast to finding herself wanting to please her Master at every turn, she also smelled a story, a scoop … and she had every intention of taking advantage to find out exactly what went on inside the walls of Castle Sin.

Until she awoke the Beast inside the King of the Castle.

“Female wiles will get you nowhere, nor will a bratty attitude, except to either be whipped black and blue or f*ck@d until you pass out. Either way … choose. Now.”

He was known as Stone Rothman in Hollywood … Stone Sinclair to his family … and Master Eagle to everyone else in Castle Sin

A powerful Master, a compassionate man, and a hungry and demanding Beast created the enigma that was Stone Sinclair.

Trust and honesty were paramount in every aspect of his life and he expected the same from those surrounding him. As the king of his castle, it took a lot to crack his armor … but this time she had p!ssed him off.  She was one of the trainees who had applied to be a submissive at Castle Sin … and she was a fake. A liar and an impostor. Two traits this powerful Master had no patience for.

The moment he laid eyes on the tall redhead, the Beast inside his soul began to stir. She was a deceiver, and he was going to enjoy transforming her into exactly what she’d applied for.

A submissive … his submissive.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both of them, a conspiracy threatened to yank their entire existence apart. It endangered not only their lives, but spelled disaster for the entire nation, and Peyton was forced into an impossible situation she had no way to get out of.

With lies and lust and fear at war inside her, helpless to fight the domination of the Master and his Beast, she attempted to find a solution … but no matter what she did, there was only one way it all would end.

With Stone Sinclair hating her.

Editor’s Note:

Stone will make you want to go out and apply to all the local BDSM clubs in the hopes of finding your very own Master Eagle. Sexy as hell, sweet like candy, with just a vein of mystery and danger that we have come to expect, Stone is woven in such a way that will have your head in the clouds, your blood pounding in all the right places, and your heart cracking as you wonder what you would do if you were in her place…






A tale of love, lust, and lies.


“Well, did the cat catch your tongue or am I supposed to hazard a guess?”

She craved his Mastery.

Caught in a web of deceit and lies, Savannah Thorne was the game piece in a demented criminal’s game. Desperate to save that which was most precious to her, she was left no choice but to entrench herself in the training program at Castle Sin … the willing prey in the claws of the powerful Training Master.


“Make no mistake, Savannah, no matter where we are, I’ll always Dominate you, don’t ever forget that.”

He craved her body.

Hawk Sinclair wanted her from the day she set foot on the island, but when she blatantly broke one of Castle Sin’s rules, he realized she couldn’t be for him despite the fact it seemed a call for help. Yet, his nature as a caring Dom compelled him to give in to her unspoken desperation to escape the emotional demons that chased her.


Amid their throes of unbound lust and the struggle to keep everyone at Castle Sin safe from Savannah’s past, Hawk became her safe place and she became his home.


Now that the Hawk had caught his prey, could he convince her to stay?

Or would her dark secrets send him spreading his wings

To soar high into the sky

Lost to her forever?


Editor’s Note:

Hawk tugs at your heartstrings and other … ganglia …

One moment, you’re hot and bothered and hoping for her release—or your own—the next your ovaries want to burst as a completely new concept is thrown into the mix, and then you want to murder a sonofa–gun who would dare to treat another human being that way. This story will have you smiling and gritting your teeth and crying and swooning and all in more ways than you’re used to.  Soon, your heart, too, will be pumping chocolate at the words, “Ack! Ack! Up!” 





A story of deceit, despair, and vengeance.


 “It is said that a woman who has found her true Master has no control over the command he has over her inner submissive.” His voice lowered an octave. “Just like yours just did.”

Altered by a cruel twist of fate, his life was forever changed. Could he ever learn to love again?

Kane Sinclair, or Master Bear at Castle Sin, was tired of Hollywood. It was time to move on from being an actor and living in the past. Even after sixteen years of self castigation and guilt due to the loss of the only woman he’d ever loved, moving on from her had never been in the cards … but he could move on from Hollywood. Especially when the slightly plump and bratty Rose Lovett arrived at Castle Sin’s training academy to offer him a distraction. He couldn’t deny the chemistry between them or the unexplained magnetic pull he simply couldn’t resist. 


“So, that’s what the sprinkling of silver at your temples means. You do know loss of memory is a sure sign of dotage—oh!”

She was haunted by the lies of her past and the love of the man she could never forget.

Rose’s arrival as sub RL at Castle Sin came in the wake of a double-edged promise. One, she soon realized, wouldn’t be as easy to fulfill. For the first five months, she managed to avoid the powerful Master Bear. He unsettled her, but the moment she came under his radar, she knew exactly what she had done. He had the ability to twist her body and her mind in ways she could never have imagined. Though she tried to keep her distance, what woman wouldn’t stand queue for the attention of the “pass-out-fucking-machine,” Master Bear?

Under his unwavering scrutiny, Rose couldn’t hide the secrets she had possessed for so long, and when Master Bear discovered them, his fury unleashed the demon inside him.

Their lives had been cruelly twisted by fate.

She could have been his future …

If only the lies shrouded in the ghosts of their past would allow him to forgive and forget …


Editor Note:

This just tugs on your heartstrings, and so many other parts. A slight veer off the normal paved path, this story takes you on a ride (don’t we all wish literally) of mental, emotional, and physical stimulation that will have you wishing Master Bear would pay you a visit. Sprinkle that with the nostalgia of their past and the prayer for their future, and you won’t be able to put this book down…unless you pass out. 


Available on Amazon and KINDLE UNLIMITED.


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Ace, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of misguided intentions, regret and lies.

 “Why me? This is a job for a bodyguard and I’m anything but.”

As a prior CIA case officer, Remy Torres was highly proficient in tactical maneuvers and firearms, and the perfect DEA agent for the assignment expected of her. One she didn’t want because it placed her in the biggest danger of her career ... to face the one man she knew hated her with as much passion as he used to love her once ... Ace Sinclair.

The man who she’d loved and left, one of the biggest regrets of her life.

I don’t need pretense in my life. I sure as hell don’t need your protection. Get the fuck out of here. Leave. Now!”

Ace Sinclair, aka Master Leo, was the loner among the seven cousins, always had been. A three-year-old grudge had become a festering wound … and her name was Remy Torres, ever since she threw his marriage proposal back in his face. When she turned up unexpectedly, the beast inside him stirred to life … as well as the lust her sensual innocence always awakened.

They would soon learn that lust, a grudge, and regret don't make good bed partners, but it offered the sadist in Master Leo an outlet for the rage that had been boiling in him for so long. 

Amidst the danger of the Chinese Triads and Stone’s life hanging in the balance, they danced the tango of lust, revenge, jealousy, and longing, but was it too late for them to bridge the gap back to the love they once had? 

If only she could overcome her pride…

If only he could learn to trust again ...

Editor’s Note:

Take my sight. Take my hearing. Take my ability to move. Take it all, but give me Ace! With lust and love intricately woven through pain, revenge, and mystery, Ace will have your loins clenching and your heart squeezing with anticipation. 

Available on Amazon and KINDLE UNLIMITED. Get yours now!





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Castle Sin, Book 5 – Parker, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of love woven with deceit, lies, and corruption.

Castle Sin
Seven Masters
Seven Dungeons
Seven Times the Kink

“It’s going to be a pleasure peeling back each layer to find what’s driving you, and once I have … to put you back together piece by piece until the submissive emerges who will beg to be dominated by me.”
arker Sinclair didn't have a mother to teach him about love, but he had a big brother who taught him to be comfortable with his emotions. The day he found HER in the exclusive BDSM Club Alpha Cove in New York, her fate was sealed. Determined and ready for his forever love, Parker would stop at nothing to make her his. Like his spirit animal, the tiger, he had patience and nothing would stand in the way of what he was hunting … her heart.

“Let me go, you degenerate asshole!” It was a fight for survival … of her senses that she was sure had lost all sagacity of self-preservation.
va Harper ran away from home when she was fifteen, and because of her past, she didn't believe in love ... didn't know HOW to love. Until HE walked into her life. She thought she was happy with her life and didn’t want for anything … a man least of all. But he proved that her need far outweighed her want while systematically unshackling the chains that bound the woman and the submissive deep inside her. A recalcitrant submissive at best who gave her Dom a run for his money at every turn.

Caught in a maelstrom of violence and corruption, the two lovers fought to keep each other and their loved ones safe as they realized that challenging fate was a losing battle. 

And this time … fate struck hard. 

Editor’s Note:
arker makes me want to say, “String me up like one of your submissive girls.” Get comfy, prepare yourself for highs and lows and more highs and perhaps have a hand free because this story is HOT! From rope play to a special treasure hunt to two hot Doms at once ((I need a fan))… Parker will have you squirming in your seat and actively seeking a man to call Sir and who will call you Cherub. 






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Taylor Banks was running and needed a place to hide.


“I’m going to challenge fate, little one. I want you and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you walk away from me until I’ve had my fill.”

Grieving the devastating loss of the man who had turned him into the powerful Dom he was, Master Dragon endeavored to move past his pain, and the sassy and curvy woman he met at the airport provided that motivation. But with his emotions already frayed, his sudden infatuation with her threw a wrench in his plans to move on. As his obsession evolved into genuine feelings for her, he realized two things: he wanted her more than anything … and she was lying to him. He knew it and intended to find out what she was hiding, but the one thing he refused to do ... was walk away from her.


“Thank you but no thank you. I’m nobody’s lollipop to suck on until your ears pop from the sugar rush.”

Taylor Banks was in deep shit ... so deep she needed a place to hide, and where better than a secret island? She'd set her sights on The Seven Keys Island, where her bestie, Peyton Jackson, now lived. The only problem was how she would get there since Peyton had fallen off the grid. A chance encounter with one of the famous Rothman cousins could solve her dilemma, but was she ready to accept the conditions of the most formidable Dom she'd ever come across? Could she ever be prepared for what he had in store for her?


Amidst untold violence, death, and destruction, the two lovers realized they were fighting the same enemy, raising the stakes even higher, and Zeke would do anything ... even kill ruthlessly ... to keep Taylor safe.

Would that be the final nail in the coffin that buried their relationship six feet under?


Editor’s Note:

Everyone will want Zeke to take them to subspace. The younger, softer spoken, gentler Sinclair cousin will bring out the submissive in anyone who has their embers burning. Adventure, mystery, and of course, all the cousins and subs we’ve come to know and love … and maybe even hate.  Zeke will wet your panties and raise your eyebrows as more revelations are discovered at Castle Sin.






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The final cousin's story!

Shane, Castle Sin, Book 7, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of awakened desires encased in fear and violence.


Shane Sinclair learned young that regret always came too late and with it fear resonated. Fear of making those same mistakes all over again.

“I’m not your normal sadist, little one.” He tapped his finger against her nose. “You’d do well to remember that.”

Time brought healing and with it, the urge to unleash the devil sadist he'd kept locked inside for years ... He’d found the one woman who was strong enough to feed his desires in the sassy and sensual Alexa Silver, but would he allow himself to fully unleash the beast upon her?

Only time would tell.

Alexa Silver had been drawn to the elusive Master Fox since she first set foot on The Seven Keys Island. She’d played along with his cat and mouse game for years but had all but given up hope that one day he’d realize she was it for him.  

“The question is—what are you gonna do about it, Master Fox?”

It was time to take matters into her own hands and make him see she was the kind of woman—the masochist he needed. Her only concern, did she have what it took?

Only time would tell.

As the two lovers strove to find a balance between their secrets and mutual trust, an unwelcome shared ghost from their past resurfaced … one that decimated Alexa’s safe harbor at Castle Sin. Running away wasn’t an option—not again. This time, she had something to fight for.

The struggle was exacerbated by the ever present danger of the SPEONUS Order that now sought cold blooded revenge. Would the Sinclair cousins manage to foil the Order’s attempts to bring them to their knees once again? And would those they cherished most get caught in the crosshairs?

Only time would tell.


Editor’s Note:

Pain! So much pain! Nipple clamps? Whips and floggers? Pffft, child’s play! Oh, no! Shane’s sexual predilections will have you holding all your sensitive bits and absolutely cringing as you secretly wonder what it would be like if he was doing THAT to you. Shane and Alexa, along with all the Masters and subs, will send you on an emotional roller coaster, laughing one second and tears burning your eyes the next, ultimately leaving your eyebrows narrowed and jaw slack. What. Just. Happened and where the **** is the next book already?

Only time would tell...


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Castle Sin, Book 8

Seven dungeons
Seven Masters
Seven times the kink.

“Until you’re ready to release the woman inside you yearning to come out and play.”

Danton Hill knew despair. He’d once sunk into the same mire that now threatened to devour his soul once more. He’d risen above it then … and he’d be damned if he didn’t do so again.

He had to … It was time to act on the attraction he’d been fighting for too long, and in the process make right a wrong … if only he could remember what he’d done to the soft-spoken, yet fiery Vera Thorne while held in the claws of the darkness that had consumed him. Whatever it had been, he would make it up to her while exalting in the submissive he had yet to completely unlock within her.

“No one is going to come out and play, do I make myself clear, Danton Hill?”

Vera Thorne couldn’t forget that one night with the hulk of a man, and even though he’d scared the daylights out of her, she couldn't fight the chemistry between them when he arrived at her door. Once again, he set her passions alight with no more than a brooding look.

Worse, his dominance toggled loose the natural submissive inside her that the one night with him had triggered … she, a revered surgeon, kneeling in front of a man … it was unheard of!

Meanwhile, SPEONUS had crossed the line too many times to count, and having been on the receiving end of their cruelty, the beast inside Danton raged free. His fury knew no bounds. It was kill or be killed, and this time, Danton had too much to live for to die.

Then again, life—and death—were unpredictable …


Editor’s Note:

All the characters we have come to know and love—and hate (um, hello, no one loves the bad guys). All the heat and sexy debauchery we have come to crave. And that all too familiar bittersweet ascent to the final pinnacle that will bring us closer and closer to the end of this series. Danton does not disappoint and leaves you aching desperately for the final books while simultaneously wishing they won’t come so that Castle Sin and the Masters and their subs will never ever end. 


Available from Amazon and read for #free on Kindle Umlimited.

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A tale of renewed hope, love, and new beginnings.

Castle Sin

Seven Masters

Seven Dungeons

Seven Times the Kink

“The question is, do I have the patience to wait until you make a move, or do I find other Doms to scratch my … itch?”

Mira Garcia didn’t pull punches and she wasn’t scared to sass Doms. Now, she’d set her sights on the new addition to Castle Sin, the powerful duo, Masters Cougar and Crow. She had been looking for the perfect fit for many years and now that she found them, she had no intention of wasting time playing the game of seduction. They were her happy ever after and they had better live up to her expectations … and be quick about it too!

“I have a suspicion we’re going to have our hands full with that one.”

Billy and Mongo had traveled a long and winding road together. One that led them to Castle Sin. Now, living a life on the straight and narrow, they found the woman they needed to make them whole again—a silver-haired vixen who wasn’t afraid to take what she wanted. The brat in her was the perfect match to soothe the beasts that had ruled their lives for too long.

Across continents, demons from Mongo and Billy’s past threaten to unravel everything they have worked so hard for. Instead of running from them, the duo runs head-on toward them with the intent to annihilate the threat and finally be free. In the path of destruction, there are revelations that prove there is more at stake than just their lives. More valuable things to lose.

Would the trio survive the fight to be free of the ghosts of their past that threatened their happy ever after?   


Editor’s note:

A story that neatly tucks away any loose ends from the Castle Sin Series (except for the final book of course) … this is more than just romance, and lust, and debauchery but true friendship, the lengths we will go to for the people we love, revenge, justice, and humanity with all the same sexy as hell kink we have come to know and love.  


Available from Amazon and read for #free on Kindle Unlimited.

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One Castle

Seven Dungeons

Seven Masters (Oops … now there are ten!)

Seven Times the Kink


Get yours  now - Universal Link:

In trust, I becomes we—a fate sealed as one. This story is the culmination of a journey of two people whose trust had been tested … and failed.

“You make it so easy for me to hate you.”

Peyton’s heart soared the day Stone came to save her. It didn’t last. He made it clear from the start that he didn’t want her at Castle Sin. He wanted her gone as soon as she recovered. But she wasn’t the kind of woman who took kindly to being told what to do. Besides, she had something to fight for … and as long as there was a spark of heat in his eyes when he looked at her, she wasn’t giving up.

She loved him and come hell or high water, she would make him love her again.

“Believe me, hating me is the only way you’ll survive … if you insist on staying.”

Stone Sinclair was a tangled web of contradictions. Having his love and trust thrust back in his face had snapped the tenuous thread that allowed another into his heart—one he had worked so hard to spin since he’d fallen in love with Peyton. Forgiveness wasn’t an option; not since the dark demon had once again taken residence inside his soul.

But how did the Dom in him ignore the submissive who challenged him at every opportunity? How did he separate the driving need to be the only one to dominate her from his inability to fully trust her again?

They said the home is where the heart is, but in the case of Stone and Peyton … it was no more than an elusive dream. Would they ever find their way back to each other or would they forever suffer the lonely consequences of pride and duplicity?

Only time would tell.


Editor’s Note:

In this final book of the Sinclair Doms and their subs, all loose strings are woven back together in an emotional, cathartic, titillating, and satisfying closing act. Couldn’t have asked for anything more! Brava!!

Now available on Amazon and for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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