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Club Devil's Cove Maze
The Maze at Club Devil's Cove
Rhone's Sikorsky S-97 Raider Chopper

The series you've all been waiting for.


Rhone & Keon's stories.

​Club Devil’s Cove is situated on the secluded, private Estate of Rhone Greer at the edge of Harmony Hall Park on the banks of Broad Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River in Washington DC. His best friend Keon LeLuc is co-owner and together they built a BDSM club to offer a safe and secure environment for members to practice their kink.

In this series we meet Rhone and Keon’s friends, Jack Blackmore, Max Shaw, Lance Talbot, and Ethan Brodie, who under the disguise of their company Precision Secure, run undercover ops for the President of the United States. Along the way we meet their Governor friend, Alex White, Mistress Pamela Seeger, who is in charge of the club’s legal aspects, Bruce Rickett-Keon's cousin, war veteran Richard Almar, and the Club Manager, Wade Moore. Everyone, as dominant and powerful as the other.

During this series of take-no-prisoners suspense novels, we come to know each of the Senior Masters - big, dominant men and their strong, sassy women, along with their kinks, who you will either love or hate, as they carry on with their lives and fight against the pernicious grasp of crime syndicates, corruption, death and violence they were exposed to.

Note: Although each couple achieve their HEA in each book, there is a continued back story line that concludes in the final book - 8. Books should be read in order to achieve the best reading experience.


Catch up on Club Alpha Cove and Club Wicked Cove if you haven’t read it yet.  Remember they are available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


Club Devil's Cove - Book 1

The NEW series

His Devil's Desire, is the beginning of the new series Club Devil's Cove - a spin-off series from Club Alpha Cove.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re indulging me, Samantha?”

Her eyes widened innocently. “Me, indulge you? You should be so lucky. Oh no, this is all self-indulgence.

Rhone has ducked trouble many times. As an undercover agent, you see a lot of shit. But this time trouble came wrapped up in an alluringly seductive package.

Samantha Frazer.

She’s good with her hands . . . er, at carving wood. She’s even better with her mouth . . . huh . . . snippy little thing. Also, her aim is dead centre. She’s gunning for his heart, in more ways than one.

From the moment Samantha lays eyes on . . . um . . . all of him, she is hooked. Rhone Greer is mouth-watering. He’s also one of the owners of Club Devil’s Cove and the most compelling Dom she’d ever met. He’s hot, controlling and hungry . . . for her. Lust and manipulation make strange bed partners as Rhone and Samantha combust between the sheets.

The game is on. Who will bite? Who’ll get devoured?

Unbeknownst, a sinister plot is underfoot and everyone is a target. As ghosts from the past resurface, there is only one question to be asked.

Who will live . . . who will die?

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His Devil's Heat

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 2

Keon's Story

Keon is stuck between a rock and . . . a soft place.

He has his daughter back, but Lauren Francis is part of the package. Keon is torn between his love for his daughter and his insatiable desire for her adopted ‘Mommy’. Lauren has a guileless sensuality that is hard to resist. Not only is she encroaching on his space, she’s invading something deep within him. The urge to corrupt her is too strong.

Lauren is weary. She feels like a new born fawn, finding her legs for the first time. She finally has a chance to move ahead in life, away from all the ugliness of the past. She’s been a thirsty traveler for so long and Keon represented a balmy oasis. He is hot, talks dirty and is a complete beast in bed. Lauren is helpless as he plays with her body and heart strings, alike.


The world falls away as fates collide and destiny gets rewritten. Keon and Lauren sizzle as the games heat up in Club Devil’s Cove. Keon exults in Lauren’s passion and submission, while Lauren revels in Keon’s gluttonous need for her body . . . and her soul.


But the demons from the past refuse to lie low. The dangerous game is just heating up. No price is too high. No life is too precious.


Life is a masquerade. Keon, Lauren, Rhone and Samantha must dance to the tune of the devil. The band must play till the masks come off.


But when it’s time to draw the first blood . . . all bets are off.

EDITOR’S NOTE: "Keep a warm blanket and a bar of dark chocolate handy while reading this freakin’ book. You’ll need to hide your hands and keep your mouth occupied. Happy reading!"

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His Devil's Wish

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 3

Ethan's Story

Ethan knew all about loss and despair. 

He had been a devoted father and loved his son Jaxon more than live itself. But life didn't always follow the direction you wished for. Something he learned the hard way. His marriage fell apart under the pressure of his work and they agreed to divorce after which he was awarded mutual custody. Until his wife married an Arab Prince and took Jaxon away without his knowledge. That was seven years ago. Ethan hadn't seen his son since. Not that he hasn't tried but almost ended up dead for his efforts. 

Paige Scott had a secret crush on the gorgeous Clinic owner and Internist, Ethan Brodie. She'd been pursuing him a couple of times under disguise at BDSM clubs and had a number of very satisfying scenes with him. Ethan knew her only as the redhead, Rose - or so she believed.

Ethan was surprised to walk into Precision Secure to meet a potential client for a recovery operation to find that it was none other than the prudish, Paige Scott, his Clinic Manager. 

Suddenly life was ablaze with danger. Not just from an enraged Arab Prince and the Sixth Order but also from the chemistry that sizzled between them.

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His Devil's Mercy

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 4

Max's Story

Max had it all. Charm, wit and as debonair as they come

He walked away from the only woman he'd ever loved five years ago and never realized how much he'd lost until she became the victim of human trafficking.

He'd been searching for her from the day her brother, Jack Blackmore, his best friend, had told him the news. Finally, a year later, he had a breakthrough.

But he was surprised at what he found when he arrived in Saudi Arabia to bring her home. 

This is a story of two people who struggled to find their way back together while the chemistry between them were as strong as it was five years ago.

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His Devil's Chains

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 5

Jack's Story

A devilish Dom and his trial sub … an inevitable disaster … or was it?

“Keeping my eyes on you, Sir, just as you ordered. I don’t happen to have a rubber spine, so unless I want to slip a disc in my neck—”

Jack Blackmore was an enigma, a man who had seen enough death and destruction to last him a lifetime. As for love? Well, he’d been there, done that. He preferred his role as Master Black at Club Devil’s Cove where he called the shots with no strings attached.

She was known as the Brat of Club Devil’s Cove. Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her ... er ... chest. And who could blame him? She had the most stunning ‘rack’ he’d ever seen on a sub to date … but she was trouble … Despite her affinity with him, Jack had no intention of unshackling the chains that held the pieces of his heart intact, especially since he didn’t trust her as far as he could throw her, and that was something he had no intention of doing. Not when he would much rather feast on her ... er ... charms.

“I will push your boundaries where and when I want ... just because I can.”

Jordan Clark was caught between the job and her uncontrollable desire for the devil Dom who had turned her ovaries into Olympic gymnasts every time he was near. Who could blame them? He had the physique of a Viking warrior and his … er … ‘tool’ was … um … big! She had to remember she had a job to do. He had never been part of the plan, but her inner submissive craved to be dominated by the formidable Dom. The lines quickly became blurred, and she forgot that he was the job.

While Jack and Jordan danced the tango of lust and passion on a foundation of lies, the Sixth Order struck violently. No one was prepared for the devastation wrought as the world suddenly grew dark and destitute.

One defiant choice led to torture, masks removed, truths revealed, and death came knocking.


Who lived . . . and who died?

Editor’s note:

Mystery, danger, sex, and kink all wrapped up into one hot little…er BIG…package called His Devil’s Chains. Action and malevolent plans will keep you on the edge of your seat as emotions run high and libidos run higher. Jordan and Jack will pull you in and hold you captive. A true guilty pleasure if I’ve ever read one.

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His Devil's Fire

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 6

Lance's Story

A devil Dom with reason to hate. A submissive looking for absolution.

Regret always came too late; something Lexi Calvert knew all too well. A decision she’d regretted for the past eight years had kept her in hiding … from guilt and then from him … Lance Talbot, the one man who would come to hate her if he found out the truth.

“Then prepare yourself for hell, my pet, because you will come to me … and yes … I’ll be the devil you prayed never to meet.”

She should’ve seen it coming, but the last thing she expected was the powerful Dom’s demand that she become his submissive … willingly. Her mind screamed no, but her body … well, that was a completely different story. He was the kind of man every woman dreamed about: debonair as they came with an irresistible charm she couldn’t say no to. Disregarding the threat his words promised, she said yes…

Lance Talbot had seen and experienced despair in his years as a combat soldier in Afghanistan. It had turned him into a hardened man with every reason to hate the one woman he never seemed able to forget. Until he looked into her eyes and saw her suffering that awakened the caring Dom in him. He set out to save her … from herself … before she destroyed the beauty of her soul in an effort to find absolution.

She became the prey and he the hunter. He’d had a taste of the young Lexi Calvert eight years earlier; now he ached for the mature woman in her, and the enticingly sassy woman knew just how to awaken the devil in him.

But would the past ever truly be forgotten? Only time would tell.

Entangled amidst their budding love, the conspiracy began to unravel as a plot to unmask the Sixth Order exploded in their faces … literally.

The Precision Secure team was left naked and vulnerable as death handed them a cruel hand.

Would they ever recover … or was this the beginning of the end?

Basset knows how to draw a reader in, catch their attention, and not release it until they are needy for the next chapter, and a helping hand ... or a cold shower. The emotions and angst reign supreme between Lance and Lexi, but there is an amazing balance between romance, kink, and suspense, that— like a scene between Dom and sub—has the reader holding their breath, only to be let up for air at the perfect moment.

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Her Devil's Kiss

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 7

Alex & Pamela's story

A woman scorned is one thing … but what about a Dom?


Governor Alex White

“You had the freedom of choice and you chose to be my sub. But you’re not free from the consequences of that decision.”


Pamela is a siren on stilettos, and Governor Alex White is torn between the formidable Domme and the memory of her as a sweet submissive. Her scent is ingrained in his soul, but he must come to terms that it is time to move on. He won't be used anymore, and he has no intention of falling for her same sensual trap. But that’s easier said than done. Especially when she worms her way into his house and is underfoot everywhere he turns. When fate steps in and she’s forced to become his trainee sub, the devil in him stirs to life his ravenous hunger. The hunt is on as he sets out to make her the slave to his desires.


He is in control now … or is he?


Attorney Pamela Seeger

“No, you didn’t, but you did invite me to anything in the house I’m hungry for. And I’m very … very hungry for you … Master Rage.”


She's lived in limbo for the past four years, kept afloat by being close to the only man who has ever captured her heart and the one man she won't allow herself to have.  It isn't fair to him, but that isn't her fault. If he wasn't so damn gorgeous, she might have stopped longing for what could have been long ago.

When regret and hindsight threaten to destroy her only chance at happiness, she refuses to give up. As the battle of lust and love ensues she insists on fighting for what she deserves … but is it too late?


Alex and Pamela must find the trust and resilience to survive the wave of destruction that threatens not just their happiness but their lives.


The devastation left by the Sixth Order shattered the Precision Secure team. Losing one of their best friends left them vulnerable and simultaneously awakened their wrath. Now that the mighty leaders of the syndicate have had a taste of victory, they surge forward, more determined than ever.


The real war has just begun as secret plots are revealed, traitors infiltrate enemy territory, the death toll rises, and not everyone or everything is as it seems.  

Editor's Note:

Hot damn! Some of these chapters deserve to be read twice and thrice … because you might just lose your place as you … enjoy yourself. And if 'those' chapters don't have you salivating and sitting at the edge of your seat, the suspense and mysteries revealed WILL! Basset never EVER disappoints in the hot and heavy or the violence and dramatics! Total win win!


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His Devil's Rage

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 8

Bruce and Morgan's story

The electrifying conclusion to this compelling series.


“I never beg, squirt. I order and command.”


Bruce Rickett, sex god extraordinaire, had a physique that melted women into puddles. A gentle giant of a man outside the club, he kept the primal, sexual beast lurking inside on a tight leash.


When the redheaded beauty from his past broke into his house, she awakened the Dom in him—and the 'not so little, little' Dom twitched with approval—but he had learned from the past not to trust blindly. Still, an innate desire to cherish, protect, and care for her begged him to put to rest the demons he detected dragging her under.


“I’ll accept your gracious offer ... under the condition that you become my full time, live in submissive.”


Morgan Adler, sex on heels, possessed an allure men found hard to resist, but she was a woman broken and riddled with guilt. Past mistakes haunted her at the hands of a ruthless manipulator.


She couldn't ignore that the psychologist had her heart racing still, even eight months since he had rescued her from yearlong captivity as a sex slave. He completely captivated her as the powerful Master Goliath; the decision to accept his offer was a no-brainer.


Mutually spellbound by the awakening of her submissive nature, she embraced the realization of being in control as he pushed her limits and demolished her boundaries. A burgeoning love flourished under his powerful mastery of her body as he too became subsumed by her sensuality.


As they explored the realm of lust, love, and trust, Bruce and Morgan soon realized that theirs was a common enemy who refused to allow them to let go of their past, forcing them to make difficult and life altering choices.


Lines blurred between friend and enemy as Precision Secure surged forward in their relentless pursuit of the leaders of The Sixth Order, unaware of the devastation their discoveries would deliver with unmasking the leaders of the most dangerous crime syndicate in the U.S.

Would Rhone and his team finally outmaneuver, outsmart, and overthrow the Syndicate to live free of their nefarious colluding, or would the team be outmaneuvered, outsmarted and overthrown?

How many more innocent lives would have to pay the price in their rise to power?


Editor's note:

A panty melting, teeth grinding, wince-inducing, heart swelling finish to the Club Devil's Cove Series. One minute you want to tear your own clothes off, the next you want to seek revenge on anyone who has ever wronged you, only to melt into a puddle of emotion; Basset takes you on a rollercoaster that you won't want to get off of, even after you've read the last word. A truly magnificent end to the series.


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The Devil's Christmas

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 9

Sean Scott & Tasha's story

An electrifying addition to this compelling series.


A story of love, hope, and second chances.


Sean Scott had been undercover for so long, he'd forgotten who and what he was. In an attempt to reconnect with what little humanity he had left, he returned to Washington D.C. to find absolution at Club Devil's Cove. 


Except Tasha Alenichev, the daughter or the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva, was out for revenge for his betrayal and lying to her two years ago when he pretended to be her lover. Suddenly, the Christmas season of debauchery and kink he had envisioned among family and friends turned into a battle for survival. 


Desperate to vanish into thin air, he sided with the Precision Secure team and concocted an elaborate ruse to hide in plain sight—not only to keep him alive but also to douse the perditious anger of the fiery platinum blonde.


 Now, he set out to pave a future for the two of them where crime and violence would take a backseat. Would this be the Christmas where the emotional devil inside him ultimately finds peace?


Only time would tell...


Be prepared to encounter masterful Doms, audacious subs and one helluva devilish Christmas celebration that will make you wish you were there in the flesh.


If you haven’t read the Club Devil’s Cove series yet, why not catch up on all the Masters before you read this story? You can find them here:



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The Devilish Santa

Club Devil's Cove Series - Book 10

Jaxon Brodie & Lois Rickett's short novella

This novella was written for the Christmas at the Club 2022 Anthology. It is now here, ready to be added to your Club Devil’s Cove collection as a novella!



Releasing June 10th.


Get ready for your mind to be blown as I invite you to visit a favorite BDSM Club of mine, the decadent and devilish CLUB DEVIL’S COVE in Washington DC. True to the nature of the owners and Masters of the club, this story is filled with decadent, delicious Dominants and sassy subs. Jaxon Brodie is the son of Ethan Brodie, one of the Masters in the original series. This is a short novella where his story picks up fifteen years later...


He had the body of Goliath,

The looks of Adonis,

And the eyes of the Devil.

Lois Rickett wasn’t the kind of woman to wait for opportunities to come to her. The gorgeous Dom who caught her as she stumbled on the stairs heading into the exclusive Club Devil’s Cove, begged for her attention. This was one opportunity she was going to embrace with the same passion she did with everything in life. If only for a couple of hours, the Devilish Santa was going to be hers.


She had the body for sin,

The face of Aphrodite.

And the passion for lust.

Jaxon Brodie was the product of betrayal and violence that had paved the way for the man he became. On an extended leave of absence from the military, he had come home to reconnect with his former life. And that’s when he found her; a sassy sub who begged to be taught a lesson.


The question that hung unanswered in his mind as the night wore on was, who was the predator and who was the prey? In the end it really didn’t matter. This sensual tauntress awakened the devil in him. If only for a couple of hours, she was going to be all his.


Unbeknownst to both, their emotional circuitry tilted into overdrive. What now? Would one night be enough?


Get yours now!

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