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The Restaurant at Club Wicked Cove - Based on the Four Seasons Hotel in New York Garden Restaurant



Welcome to the elite, underground, BDSM escape named Club Wicked Cove.

Club Wicked Cove is a very exclusive, underground BDSM club on a farm located thirty miles outside of Jacksonville, Texas, on the banks of Lake Jacksonville. It’s a place where people go to escape and lose themselves in their own kinks and pleasure. In such a small, close-knit community, people treasure their privacy, therefore they wear masks, wigs and even colored contacts to ensure their identities remain intact.

Colt Fargo is the owner of Fargo Produce, one of the most successful farms in Texas. He is also the owner of the club, which stands on the outskirts of his farm on a separate plot of land. No one associates him with the club, which suites his need for plausible deniability. 

Club Wicked Cove is a series woven around Colt, his best friend and co-owner of the club, Nolan Shaffer, along with four of their friends, Parnell, Seth, Kent and Raul. 

Colt’s dark past and the Occiphinti family wove an evil web around the club and it’s Masters. Each to be challenged in a different way as violence, sex and death scattered their paths to happiness.

The Heavy wooden bar in the Entertainment area of the underground secret Dungeon beneath the restaurant




NOTE: This is a DARK series involving crime, hate, revenge, gruesome deaths. Please do not purchase if it's not your cup of tea.


This is the first of several books in the Club Wicked Cove series. Desperation is a story about Colt Fargo, the owner of Club Wicked Cove, and Ceejay Powell, a woman driven by the demons in her past to join the lifestyle in an effort to find absolution for her guilt.


Colt happens upon Lady Silver involved in a scene that contravenes the ethics of his club and sets out to find what motivates her to demand such a scene each and every time, subsequently giving her an ultimatum that she must accept if she wants to remain a member of the club.


The instantaneous attraction between them sends Colt on a mission to break through the wall to assuage the pain in Ceejay’s heart. In his quest, she finds  the key to his guarded past and soon they are both fighting off the siege of emotions that  threatens to overwhelm them.


By a quirk of fate, their dark association with the mob soon jeopardizes the solace that Colt Fargo has found in obscurity in the backwater town of Jacksonville, Texas in his quest to escape the life he once led as a reluctant member of a powerful American crime family whose long tentacles are now within striking distance of reeling him back in and squeezing the life out of Ceejay Powell.


This story ends in a cliffhanger…to continue in book 1, Part 2, Desperation: Colt’s Acquittal. A dark, very dark erotic thriller.





NOTE: This is a DARK series involving crime, hate, revenge, gruesome deaths. Please do not purchase if it's not your cup of tea.


This is Part 2 of book 1 in the Club Wicked Cove series. In Part 1, Ceejay Powell found love and absolution for her guilt in the arms of Colt Fargo, the owner of Club Wicked Cove, until his dark past reared its head in the form of the Occhipinti family.


Colt now returns to find himself at the helm of the most powerful American crime family to reprise his role as The Devil’s Spawn, a name replete with evil.


A phone call jars loose recent memories that he had compartmentalized in the back of his mind and spins  his world upside down. Enraged by the turn of events he travels back to Jacksonville to avenge the deceit.


Ceejay finds it impossible to associate Damiano Vitale with the man that she once loved. Soon, her secret is revealed, pushing Damiano to violate every emotion he had ever held as rage blinds him to anything but retribution, turning his love for Ceejay, into hate.


This tale is wrought in depth with the fullest scope for which the human condition is accountable:  love, hate, violence, betrayal and death. Will Damiano be able to find acquittal for his darkness? Does he even want to?




NOTE: This is a DARK series involving crime, hate, revenge, gruesome deaths. Please do not purchase if it's not your cup of tea.


Fear may linger but regrets remain.

Nolan Shaffer knows all too well. The billionaire co-owner of Club Wicked Cove seems to have it all—power, prestige, looks, friends . . . and women - anyone he wants, except for one. And the gap between fantasy and reality grows wider by the minute. Plagued by a guilt-ridden past, he struggles to let go and embrace his future in the form of Jewel Flint, a drop-dead gorgeous woman whose heart remains a hand’s-breadth out of his reach.

Right now, the future portends untold malevolence. In a macabre twist of fate, Nolan and Jewel find themselves inextricably bound up together by the forces of evil. But before they can be freed, the ties to his past must be finally severed.
When confronted with the inevitable choices, will they be able to rise to the challenge or will their world implode around them, obliterating any hope of a life together.

With a psychopathic Mafioso out for revenge, Nolan must dig deep to protect, at any cost, all whom he loves and cherishes.

Fear and regret collide to form a potent alchemy that unleashes the power of the will.

Wondering what happened to Colt Fargo? Does he manage to master the darkness inside of him? Will the Occhipinti Crime Family ever let him go?

This is the third book in the Club Wicked Cove Series that will take you on a rollercoaster ride from the picturesque Isle of Capri to the demimonde of a BDSM club. Get strapped in for a wild ride. This series should ideally be read in order.




NOTE: This is a DARK series involving crime, hate, revenge, gruesome deaths. Please do not purchase if it's not your cup of tea.

Seth Harris has one mission in life—Revenge.

Hatred consumes his every waking moment. But he is a patient man. He has hunted for two decades to annihilate the demons of his past; systematically. The end is in sight. Seth knows that the road to revenge leads to two graves—one for his enemy and one for himself. But he doesn’t care. He’s been dead inside for a long time.

Sasha Barlow has one mission in life— to find herself again.

She has known crippling pain and betrayal. She moves to Jacksonville to put the pieces of her life together again and joins Club Wicked Cove to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

As the Training Master at the club, Seth has his hands full with BDSM wannabes. But something about the gorgeous, red-haired siren drives him insane with lust. Sparks fly, when two broken souls take a dive into a maelstrom of passion & desire.

On the other hand, the Occhipintis continue to play a sinistrous game and stakes are higher than ever. Who is the hunter? Who is the hunted? That’s just a matter of perspective.

Will Sasha be able to trust again? Will Seth make room for love in his life? Can two broken halves make a whole?

If only it were that simple.

It never is.




NOTE: This is a DARK series involving crime, hate, revenge, gruesome deaths. Please do not purchase if it's not your cup of tea.

They made her a victim . . .

Parnell Oliver is an enigma; a celebrated war veteran with a checkered conscience. Being a Dom at Club Wicked Cove is a role he plays with aplomb. But there’s something he's been denying himself for long—Kacie Harris. She’s gorgeous, alluring and . . . his friend’s baby sister. 


Kacie has lived in the eye of the storm all her life. Her invisible scars have never healed. She's been broken beyond repair. Or so she thinks. Until, Parnell pulls her out of a hellhole, literally and figuratively.


For Kacie, Parnell is the only hope. He's her angel, albeit with a broken wing. At Kacie's behest, Parnell concedes to becoming her mentor—his idea of sweetest hell. 

Parnell has to put Kacie together again. Piece by piece . . . touch by touch . . . kiss by kiss . . .


Will Kacie be able to rise above the devastation of her past? Will Parnell be able to mend the most beautifully broken girl, ever?


As the mystery about their faceless enemy unfolds, a treacherous plot comes to light. The Occhipinti family has a closet full of skeletons, just raring to dance. All hell is about to break loose.


The enemy better watch out. Kacie is a victim no more.

She is a deadly weapon.



Club Wicked Cove - Book 6

The Finale in the series

Decadent is the finale in the bestselling series, Club Wicked Cove. The end of the Occhipinti Crime family saga.

Decadent, is the story about Kent Gibson, who knows the anatomy of scars. As a celebrated plastic surgeon, he knows that some scars are skin deep, while some are embedded in our souls. Since losing his wife ten years ago, he has filled the void in his life by playing a Dominant Master at Club Wicked Cove. Life is good; he’s got the looks and money’s aplenty, good friends and subs galore. What more could he ask for?


Sharon Watts has lived through sheer hell and survived to tell the tale. She carries her scars like a roadmap of her torturous past. Try as she might, she can’t jerk off the baggage of her nightmarish experience. Until, an impromptu scene with Kent brings her back to life.


As soon as he touches Sharon, Kent knows he’s in for it. When through a twist of fate, Kent wins Sharon as his slave in an auction, it’s time to throw caution to the winds and take a leap of faith. As a healer, Kent knows he has the most exquisitely fragile woman in his hands who needs careful mending, inside and out. She is gorgeous to him and makes his blood boil with a mere look. Kent and Sharon are falling hard and fast for each other.


But the evil is reaching its crescendo. The Occhipinti family is poised on a precarious juncture. What looks like an impenetrable castle, may very well turn out to be a house of cards. One way or another, Colt and his friends have had enough.


It’s time to hunt. It’s time to kill.


It has come full circle. It ends now.

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