This was the very first short story I wrote. Beware . . . it's hot.


The Dragon's Lair - An enticing short story

Nibbling on her lip, Holly Swift stared at the brightly painted building across the street. She had been staring at it for the past hour. Usually when Holly made up her mind about something, she went at it head first. This time she did the first. She hit Google with a vengeance, determined to find the best there was and nothing else. He was said to be the best. When a client left the building with a broad smile on her face, Holly squared her shoulders and stepped into the street, striding with long, sure strides to the bright blue door.

A bell tinkled above her head when she walked inside the dimly lit front office. Her eyes widened and for the first time, she released a relaxed breath. The room was an open space with pastel colored walls, huge comfortable sofas scattered around and small tables with magazines placed everywhere. Modern, beautiful, and surprisingly classy.

“Morning, Missy, and what is a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?”

“Oh...ehm...” glancing around in confusion, Holly tried to find a sign that she was in the right place and started to squirm. Maybe she had the wrong address. “Is this...I mean I am here to...”

“Are you sure, honey? It would be a shame to mar such luxurious and silky skin.”

“Mom, are you chasing a potential customer of mine away again?”

“Tsk, don’t be silly, Zack. I’m just letting the little missy know there are other options available.”

“Hmm, like what exactly?”

“I don’t know, henna maybe? That’s not permanent...or what about one of those sticky things?”

Zack threw his head back and laughed, his penetrating silver gaze never once leaving Holly’s now flustered face.

Holy shit! He was like manna from the heaven. scrap that, he was beautiful. Every inch of him was perfection, with his cropped black hair, movie star sculpted face and that body...hell and damnation...she had never been near so much muscle in her life. Her fingers ached to trace every line and indentation as she caressed them from his head to his toes.

“So, miss, how do I serve you today?”

Hard and fast, thank you very much.

Her thoughts must have flashed across her face as a slow seductive smile curved his lips while those silver globes glowed with heat as it singed down her body. Holly was hard pressed not to tug on her mini-skirt to drag it down to her knees.

Clearing her throat, she forced the words past suddenly dry lips, “I’d like a tattoo.”

“Well then, you definitely came to the right place. Follow me.”

Without watching to see if she followed, he swaggered down the hallway and into one of the back rooms. Holly sprinted after him when he disappeared out of sight. Zack waved her into a high chair and she sank down gingerly, her eyes darting from one picture on the wall to the other.

“Any particular design you’re interested in?”

Suddenly he was all business and Holly managed to relax.


Zack’s eyebrows rose and his eyes flitted over that luxurious skin his mother had raved about. He was an ink man and loved to produce beautiful art on others. One of his arms was completely inked and on his other he had the Chinese symbol for freedom. For now, that was enough for him. He fed his desire to create beauty with his paintings. This was merely a hobby.

“Far be it from me to chase business out the door, but my mother is right. It would be a shame to cover such glowing skin with all that ink.”

“, a small one. I want a small one.”

“And where would this small dragon find its pleasure?”

Holly narrowed her eyes on him, his double meaning not lost on her.

“On my...”

Oh hell! He would have to work between her legs the entire time to do the tattoo. Shit, shit, she never thought of that!

Chuckling, Zack waited, looking forward to inking this exquisite blond creature that had caused his cock to swell to full erection the moment she raised her eyes to his.


“Why don’t you just point and let me judge if it would work or not?”

Biting her lip, Holly lifted her hand and placed it just above her mound. That smile of his widened and Holly’s teeth clamped painfully onto her lip. Forcing back a moan, she felt need flood from between her pussy lips and wet her panties.

“I’m going to have to see if your skin is conducive to ink first. May I?”

He had the hem of her skirt clasped between his fingers and she nodded, clenching her thighs together, praying that he wouldn’t notice and, god forbid, smell her arousal. Zack had to force his salacious thoughts to the back of his mind when he lifted her skirt and pushed it up to bare her stomach. His cock throbbed and set a demanding rhythm he found hard to ignore. She was perfection, curvy hips, soft thighs, and a slightly rounded belly tapering from a very narrow waist. He fingered the top of her stretchy lace panties and murmured, “You do realize these will have to go.”

“Yes,” she whispered, finding it difficult to breath. “Oh!”

Zack whipped her panties over her hips and dragged them down her legs. Holly stared at him in shock,